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What’re the Advanced Amazon PPC Strategies For Amazon Sellers? 

What’re the Advanced Amazon PPC Strategies For Amazon Sellers? 

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6 out of 10 Amazon sellers struggle with their Amazon Sponsored Campaigns. Creating and launching PPC campaigns is easy, but the trick is to optimize them with each iteration for enhanced performance in the online marketplace. And this is where sellers end up making serious mistakes. Adopting the best Amazon PPC strategies has numerous advantages:

  • It helps you keep the shoppers within your brand.
  • You get better exposure for your listings.
  • You can push your less-performing/newly launched products through your top-performing listings.
  • You get to present your entire range of products to shoppers.

Even with great product listings, you must build solid Amazon PPC strategies to make your ad campaigns stand out. With this in mind, we have listed the best strategies to help you drive sales to your listings. 

Best Amazon PPC Strategies For 2023

Strategy 1: Benefit from Match Type Keywords

Keyword match may seem daunting if you have never been into search advertising. We now discuss how the keyword match type works on Amazon.

Broad, phrase and exact are the three match types for keywords. They determine for what phrases your Amazon ads will be shown. 

  • Broad match displays your ad when a shopper types in the exact keyword. 
  • Phrase match type displays your ad when the shopper includes the whole of your target keyword. 
  • Finally, the exact match displays your ad when shoppers type in the exact keywords you bid on. 

In addition to these, you can also add what we call ‘negative keywords.’ These are the terms you wouldn’t want your ad to be displayed for, even if they’re related. Say you have a match-type keyword of ‘black t-shirt,’ but you want it not to be displayed for ‘women’s black t-shirt’; you can use that as one negative keyword. 

This image shows the different keyword match types which are helpful in amazon ppc strategies

(Remember: Negative keywords can only be phrase/exact match keywords. One can’t set a broad match type as a negative keyword.)

Strategy 2: Adjust Bids on Placements

Amazon has its set of new features to help sellers bid in PPC auctions with more finesse. Adjusting the bids by ad placements allows sellers to optimize their campaigns while having greater control over when their ads should appear & how large an amount they are willing to spend.

As you are familiar that ads with Amazon PPC can appear either at:

  • Top of page 1 of search results.
  • Middle/Bottom or second page of Amazon Search results.
  • Product detail pages.
  • Off search results, for example, the ‘Add to the Cart’ page.
This image shows how to adjust bids while running ads or making amazon ppc strategies

Amazon lets its seller view the placement report for each campaign. Based on the insights, i.e., whether the campaigns’ positions brought them the most conversions, sellers can set their bid on each placement by 9 – 900% to improve their odds of landing even greater conversions.

Strategy 3: Target Product With Display Product Targeting Ads 

Display Product Targeting ads are one of the advanced Amazon PPC strategies 2023 sellers can use to bring exposure to their Amazon products. If you are unaware of this feature, it enables sellers to target shoppers through specific product categories. Sellers can directly target audiences both off and on Amazon.  

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Here’s how you can use the feature to your advantage:

  • Pick the products needing better visibility on Amazon search results.
  • Build product targeting ads for such products. You can also target your top ASINs. Now, the ads of your underperforming products will be placed on the web pages of top ASINS.
  • Through these Ads sellers can remarket those customers who showed interest or viewed similar types of products.  

Strategy 4: Target Products on Google Ads

This image shows the example of ads looking in google search results

In addition to using the previous strategy, you can also use strategy 4 to get your product to secure a top place among your competitors’ listings. Influencers often promote listings that are displayed on Google ads. And so capitalizing on your competitor’s visibility is helping you build your brand’s awareness in the market. You just need to place your products on those pages and cash on from their purchases.

Strategy 5: Drive Sales With New-To-Brand Metrics

If you’ve registered with Amazon Brand Registry, you can consider taking advantage of Sponsored Ads. Sponsored Ads are a great way to enhance brand awareness (all thanks to their new-to-brand metrics). You can use the data available to optimize the campaigns and attract shoppers. 

If you really want to attract a lot of new shoppers to your brand, it makes sense to aggressively use Sponsored Ads for your listings. Shoppers will then be more and more aware of your brand.

Automatic Vs. Manual Campaigns

There are 2 kinds of campaigns sellers can use with Amazon PPC ads. So which one should you choose?

If you use Automatic campaigns, you allow Amazon to run ads for your brand without any suggestions from your side. While with manual ones, you get complete control over the PPC. You even get to choose keywords and bid adjustments.

This image contain different amazon campaign types which are helpful while making the amazon ppc strategies

Automatic campaigns are helpful when you’re just starting and plan to work with a lower budget. But once you’re comfortable, you must shift to manual campaigns. They help ensure you don’t waste unnecessary budget.


Being strategic in your approach is crucial if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your Amazon PPC campaign. You can check out the above amazon ppc strategies 2023 and see if they are effective for you. They will help you speed up your PPC advertising and improve outcomes. Additionally, if you need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to HRL Infotechs. We’ll help you with Amazon PPC strategy management that will enhance your ROI!