How To Find High Demand And Profitable Products To Sell On Amazon

Selling a product that’s high in demand yet faces little competition is the secret to being a successful Amazon seller. But how do “you” find products with high demand and little competition? 

This blog has all the details you need for your Amazon fba product research. And will help you identify that needle in the haystack of millions of goods in Amazon’s inventory. You just need to remember some of the key elements when streamlining your Amazon product research. And you’ll be good to go choosing the high demand Amazon product following these general recommendations!

Traits of a Profitable Product

  • Low seasonality: Look for items that don’t depend on seasonal sales.
  • No legal issues: Pick up items with no trademark or legal difficulties.
  • Lightweight & compact: Products of such a nature sell better than heavier ones. The reason behind this is lower shipping costs & less storage.
  • Room for improvement: Select a product that can outperform those of your rivals. This boosts your chances of making more sales.

These are the guidelines that Amazon sellers have repeatedly adopted for their Amazon product hunting. But remember, every product has a special opportunity vs. competition.

Finding Profitable Product To Sell On Amazon

  • Tip 1: Amazon Best Sellers

If you want the most effective methods for your Amazon product hunting, you must look at the Amazon Best Sellers. It makes sense to look at what Amazon sellers are doing well in item sales on Amazon since you’ll be selling your products there. 

Amazon Best Seller list helps you find the top 100 best-selling items in any category. If you visit the Best Sellers section of Amazon, you’ll see the top-selling toys, games, and electronics.

When choosing your inventory to sell on Amazon, knowing what products are the best sellers will guide your Amazon fba product research in the right direction!

amazon fba product research a
  • Tip 2: Amazon Best Sellers Rank 

Though the Amazon Best Sellers list is a great way to begin your Amazon fba product research, it only gives you the top 100 products. And while 100 may seem like a lot, it hardly makes it to the stage because certain categories hold millions of products. 

This is why the Best Sellers Rank is useful in this situation.

The Best Sellers Rank (BSR) of an item on Amazon takes into account both recent and previous sales. As a seller, it’s crucial to know that a high BSR implies that the product is in demand.

One sign that a single product is monopolizing the market is when you locate only one item in a category with a high BSR, and none of the other products are best-sellers. So, you should go for product categories with many high-BSR products because this indicates a need for your product in that market and gives it a chance to thrive.

  • Tip 3: Keywords Research

Finding out how many people are searching for products on Google or Amazon is another crucial step in determining whether they have sufficient consumer interest. Finding out the demand for the main keywords on Amazon is more important because this can bring you a conversion rate of between 12 and 17%.

It strongly indicates that there’s enough demand for you to sell if the combined monthly searches for the top 3 product keywords on Amazon exceed 100,000.

amazon product hunting
  • Tip 4: Most Wished Products

Discovering the popular gifts and Amazon wish lists is another way to look for high demand Amazon product. This saves a tonne of time while looking for intriguing things to sell on Amazon.

The list may contain a fantastic product with high-profit margins, little competition, and potential for significant holiday sales.

An excellent example of this is Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. It was one of the most generously given items during Amazon Prime Day. 


  • Tip 5: BSR Movers

Products whose BSR has drastically increased over the past 24 hours are included in the list. Now, there’s a reason why this is significant & why you should use this list to track intriguing things for your Amazon product research.

The number of recent sales for a certain product is used to calculate the BSR. Also, historical sales information for products in the same category is considered.

Therefore, something about that listing or product is done extremely effectively and has to be investigated or understood better if the BSR rises abruptly and over several days. This can also help you determine the profitable goods to sell on

What To Sell On Amazon

Undeniably, selling goods on Amazon can bring in a sizable profit, but to succeed there, you must provide distinctive and reasonably priced goods with little competition. Selling on Amazon just for the sake of selling isn’t a wise strategy because oversaturation on the platform makes it harder than ever to stand out. Instead, you should make sure that you provide something of value.

high demand amazon proudct

If you already have a product in mind, use the above advice to hone your Amazon fba product research and identify a target market within a larger demographic. Start with the fundamentals like “What are the top Amazon search terms” or “What are the best-selling items?” if you don’t have a specific product in mind.

Consider similar products that the user might find more compelling. And you’ll find your profitable product to sell on Amazon!

Why is Fulfillment by Amazon Worth Choosing for Amazon FBA Sellers in Q3 2022?

Reasons Why Amazon FBA Sellers Must Go with Fulfillment by Amazon in Q3 2022

Many people wonder, as the year concludes, are Amazon seller services still worthwhile in 2022 and beyond? In a word, yeah. But let’s discuss why!

Amazon FBA Sellers are responsible for roughly one-quarter (22%) of Amazon’s staggering $469 billion revenue in 2021, up from $386 billion in 2020. To run their Amazon business, 89% of the third-party merchants use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). The need for online buying has grown, and while there is more competition on Amazon and other e-commerce markets, 63% of customers start their product searches on Amazon.

This blog will outline the benefits of selling on Fulfillment by Amazon in Q3 2022 for all Amazon FBA Sellers.

Why to Choose Amazon FBA in Q3 2022?

The e-commerce sales in the U.S. soared 14.2% in 2021 over the previous year to $870.8 billion. 41% of all transactions involving those total sales happened on Amazon. Amazon is the undisputed leader in the online retail space. Because of the advantages of Amazon’s end-to-end Fulfillment by Amazon services, as well as its enormous user base. Moreover, it is the ideal location for vendors.

Is Amazon FBA worthwhile for developing e-commerce brands, given that 85% of Amazon’s biggest sellers use it? Definitely! We’ll outline 5 reasons for why Fulfillment by Amazon is worthy for all the Amazon FBA Sellers.

amazon fba

1.Amazon is Most Reliable Marketplace for E-commerce Consumers

By 2021, 71% of shoppers had gone directly to Amazon to look up prices and reviews or make a purchase instead of using Google to research products. This results from consumers’ conditioning to expect ease and centrality from Amazon. They know that searching for competitive price points and conducting product research is possible on Amazon. The fact that third-party merchants have excellent ratings, aggressive pricing, and dependable fulfillment services only increase this.

It only makes sense for businesses to think about starting an Amazon business and utilizing FBA to boost their brand visibility and future growth, as it is predicted that Amazon will continue to increase its market share.

2.Inherent Seller Fulfilled Prime Features and Tools Facilitate Quicker Delivery

Given that the Amazon marketplace now dominates the e-commerce industry, it’s crucial to emphasize how an FBA business-for-sale model aids companies’ expansion and scaling. Your consumers will be able to take advantage of the advantages that only an Amazon store can provide, such as same-day and two-day shipping with an Amazon Prime membership, when you operate an Amazon FBA business.

The Amazon Platform has lately amended the eligibility criteria for its Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) program, which commenced on February 1, 2021. The program’s objectives are to assist merchants in more effectively and satisfactorily meeting customer demand, upholding the website’s authority, and drawing even more customers to Amazon as their one-stop online store. A few of these tools are:

  • Shipping Region Automaton. Based on the locations of your preferred shipping services and Amazon warehouses, this function configures delivery locations for one-day and two-day delivery.


  • Delivery Speed Report. The FBA seller network is a wonderful resource for analytics. This analysis enables you to assess which SKUs delay delivery times and what methods should be used to guarantee quick delivery.


  • Automatic Product Classification. Based on the weight and dimensions of your products, Amazon will automatically classify them as standard or oversize.

Customers pay for instant gratification as part of acquiring their Amazon goods as soon as possible. These are just a few tools the Amazon FBA seller dashboard offers to help you optimize delivery times and identify potential flow disruptions. This helps to avoid client unhappiness and warns you about possible effects on your overall delivery approach and business from various products.

3.Simultaneous Delivery & Shipping

A successful online business has many moving elements that you must frequently manage on many platforms. However, Amazon FBA enables you to delegate control over delivery, shipping, and even a portion of your marketing. Your account can handle everything you require for your store. You can concentrate your efforts on product development and sourcing, inventory supply, and brand building through cross-channel advertising.

Interested in learning some insider advice for Amazon FBA sellers? Create an account and list your available products to get started. You can prepare your products before shipping them to the closest Amazon warehouse with the aid of Amazon Seller Central. Because each product needs a different code, description, and other specifications so that Amazon can reliably monitor your products, this calls for attention to detail.

Once you send your items to Amazon, it stores them until someone buys them. Currently, Amazon also handles the packaging, shipping, and customer support inquiries relating to product and delivery satisfaction.

4.Needs Zero Outside Marketing

Most businesses must devote a sizable portion of their budget to marketing. However, FBA eliminates the necessity for external marketing.

How do you employ FBA’s marketing tools? You can set up marketing and Amazon seller tools from your seller account to promote your goods. This comprises

  • Sponsored products
  • Sponsored brands
  • Sponsored displays
  • Stores. 

Each of these Amazon seller services includes built-in templates and dynamic widgets to assist you in creating personalized advertising to promote your product to a specific audience. You may regulate your monthly expenses and instantly assess your return on investment by setting a budget for the maximum amount you wish to spend each day on your ads through Amazon advertising.

5. Clearly Defined Scalability Path

The next phase is encouraging growth once you have control of the fundamentals of running an Amazon FBA business. If you use all of the resources at your disposal consistently and wisely, Amazon FBA is worthwhile. Amazon FBA also gives you the following options besides sponsored posts:


  • Optimize your existing products using analytics
  • Promote discounts and exclusive offers to help your business expand.
  • Make plans for brand marketing and sales during particular peak seasons.

Amazon FBA gives sellers more time to concentrate on other crucial aspects of their businesses by shifting their attention away from fulfillment. But as with any business, how much effort you put into it will determine how fast and effectively it grows. Additionally, after using your FBA dashboard’s tools, you’ll have time to broaden your presence through additional channels to connect with present and potential Amazon customers.

Amazon Selling Tips & Tricks for Success in Q3 2022

Here are some helpful and essential selling pointers for Q3 2022 that you should keep in mind.

1. Understand the Amazon Ranking Algorithm

Fundamentally, Google’s search and Amazon’s ranking algorithms are very similar. They both, for instance, rely on keywords to determine relevance. There are some significant differences, though. Amazon draws customers who are actively shopping and examines conversion and sales stats. That’s because this is a platform for purchases. Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click), sales history, organic sales, seller authority, impressions, click-through rate, and internal sales are significant aspects impacting the current Amazon A10 algorithm (Conversion Rate and Off-Site Sales).

amazon fba

2. Research Keywords

Amazon FBA uses natural language processing, an artificial intelligence technique. It creates well-known sentences by combining relevant words. Therefore, a few search terms that describe your goods and clients’ wants must be included in your listing. Consider investing more time in locating the right keywords rather than just adding them if you want your product listings to have greater authority.

amazon ranking algorithm

3. Receive Consumer Feedbacks

Your success as an Amazon fba seller depends heavily on reviews, which can significantly impact your conversion rate. Customer feedback is crucial since it lets you know what they like and dislike. Then, you can enhance your items. There is a Request a Review option on Fulfillment by Amazon. You can use it to persuade others to write product reviews. However, it would be great if you were to keep in mind that this does not imply that individuals will provide favorable reviews. The Amazon ranking algorithm used by Amazon seller services confirms the legitimacy of reviews by preventing paid reviews using sophisticated detection techniques.

e-commerce industry

Final Takeaway!

You are the pioneer of possible success if you enter the market with products already in high demand. Launching or maintaining your position among Amazon FBA sellers will be valuable through 2022 and beyond if you focus on developing your brand and stock and maintaining a consistent approach to optimization and product feedback.

The E-commerce industry is destined to stay and will only continue to develop over time, regardless of whether you’re a newcomer to the world of Amazon FBA or a seasoned business owner looking to extend your possibilities. How you adopt and use it to your benefit is up to you. Reach out to HRL Infotechs if you need any help excelling Fulfillment by Amazon as an Amazon fba seller.

How To Optimize Your Amazon Backend Keywords For Better Reach

Most Amazon brands & sellers are aware of Amazon listing optimization with forward-facing keywords. But backend search terms also play a big role here. Despite being largely invisible to consumers, backend keywords boost search rankings & drive sales when optimized for comprehensive content & SEO strategies. 

Following best backend keyword practice is crucial because Amazon has strict rules for search terms. Read through this blog to learn how to optimize your Amazon backend keywords for your listings.

Why optimize your Amazon backend keywords?

You might wonder why backend keywords are important. What benefit could they provide for your Amazon product listing?

Well, backend keywords improve your product’s ranking for other crucial keywords. You can put them on the back end of your website & still rank for them. Basically, they make your products discoverable. Let’s consider the example of you selling LED lights. Some people might look for LED lights, while others might look for Diwali lights. You would miss out on users searching using all the other terms listed if you only optimized for LED lights. 

Incorporating keywords (like Christmas lights, Diwali lights, or light strands) into the backend of your site ensures that you won’t miss out on worthwhile leads. This makes it easier for you to connect with customers conducting different product searches. 

5 tips for optimizing your Amazon backend keywords

Tip 1: Concentrate on the essential keywords

To improve your product’s ranking on Amazon, you must choose the best keywords for your business by conducting product keyword research. Concentrate on the most crucial keywords because you can only use 250 bytes for backend keywords. 

People’s searches are completely different on Amazon than they would on Google. So you need tools like Sonar to conduct the best product keyword research for your listing. You can even use such tools to view a keyword’s search volume.

Concentrating on essential keywords doesn’t require you to abandon your Google keyword tools. You can still determine the worth of your keywords with the Google tools at your disposal.


product keyword research

Tip 2: Listen to Amazon

You need to listen to Amazon if you want to optimize your backend keywords for maximum performance. Here are a few requirements for

Amazon has for backend keywords:

a. Keep Prohibited Search Terms to a Minimum

If you use certain categories of keywords in your backend search terms, Amazon will penalize you.

Including brand names, whether those of your own or your rivals, is a big mistake. Since it’s a part of your product listing’s keywords, this information is redundant. Using it in backend search terms will only cause Amazon’s search platform to suppress it.

Businesses are also prohibited from using abusive language, as well as UPC codes, ASINs, & other product identifiers.

b. Sort your keywords logically.

Make sure that the order in which you list each of your backend keywords makes sense. Consider how people look for things. What is the arrangement of those keywords?

This is important because Amazon prioritizes a logical order for search terms.

For instance, you want to write “red racing car” rather than “racing red car” because most users consider color before the product. And also, racing red car doesn’t make any sense. You should arrange your keywords in the order that a user would search for them.

Tip 3: Keep track of keyword performance.

Business owners often select backend keywords for their product listings & never look at them again. This is problematic because if you never update your Amazon backend keywords, your listing won’t perform to its full potential.

Instead, keep an eye on your backend keywords to determine whether they send relevant traffic to your listing. To find out if the keywords are still helpful, you can check for your Amazon keyword ranking or index performance.

Amazon listing optimization

Tip 4: Sparingly use keywords

If you’re used to optimizing for Google SEO, your first inclination is to use your keywords several times throughout your content. This behavior might transfer to your Amazon product listing.

You aren’t required to use keywords more than once by Amazon, nor is it advised. You will rank as long as you use them once on your page. 

You don’t even have to use clever integration techniques to scatter it throughout your page.

Use the general procedure when incorporating keywords into your listing’s backend. Use none that are on your page’s front page. And you’ll appear in search results for those keywords.

Tip 5: Each byte matters 

Remember (tip#1) when we said your focus must be on the most crucial keywords because you only have 250 bytes for backend keywords? Since there is a finite space, you should concentrate your Amazon listing optimization on the most vital & relevant keywords that work best for your purpose. 

You can also avoid punctuation when using Amazon backend keywords. This applies to all punctuation like commas, exclamation points, periods, & question marks. Each keyword you enter only needs to be separated by a space. 

Final Note

Your products rank higher on the Amazon search results page when you have backend keywords that are strong & well-optimized. So, never undervalue Amazon search engine optimization with backend keywords. 

Always double-check to see if entered keywords are being indexed by Amazon.  

Now you know the tips to Amazon listing optimization, use them to your advantage, like to increase your product’s visibility & thus drive sales and profits. Want experts’ help? HRL Infotech marketing experts can help you with Amazon account management, optimisation and  advertisement. 

Significance of Comprehensive Amazon Account Checkup!

Amazon FBA Guide to Monitor Your Amazon Account Health.

Struggling to understand the purpose of the Amazon Account Health page?

The performance of its third-party sellers, which includes you, is a significant aspect of Amazon’s business model. Amazon also enforced specific criteria and standards to give sellers the resources they need to evaluate and enhance their performance to guarantee that all third-party sellers offer uniformly high-quality products and customer support. You may access all these tools through the Performance Menu in Amazon Seller Central.

What Do You Mean by Amazon Account Health?

To sell on Amazon implies accepting to deal with their guidelines. To continue selling on Amazon, you must meet several requirements; failing to do so consistently might result in a warning, account suspension, or, if not amended, account removal. Maintaining account health metrics at specific levels is essential for the same.

Getting Started with Amazon Account Health Rating.

You may check the status of your Amazon account in Amazon Seller Central using the Amazon Account Health Rating (AHR) tool. It depends on how well you follow Amazon’s selling guidelines. It considers specific things like unsolved policy infractions on your account over a fixed time.

Currently, only professional sellers have access to this page. Amazon wants its vendors to keep their accounts in good standing by adhering to the requirements. Amazon made a few adjustments to how you may check the status of your account, and the retail behemoth promises that the policies will continue to be improved.

  • You have to sustain a ‘Good‘ amazon account health rating and deal with all policy violations within a specific time.
  • Amazon Seller Central might delete your account if your AHR is ‘Critical‘ or ‘At Risk.’

Which Account Health Metrics Need Attention on the Account Health Page?

Your Amazon Seller Central account now has an Account Health Page that lists the 7 key metrics you should pay attention to. Not that you should ignore other stats, but these are essential for preserving your ability to sell on Amazon. Also, as a little bonus, Amazon claims to have removed some metrics from the Account Health page, which are seller metrics for which

1.Order Defect Rate

The Order Defect Rate (ODR) evaluates your overall efficiency in exceeding consumers’ expectations over the previous 60 days, as promised by the A-to-Z guarantee. It covers an array of subjects, all of which must have an aggregate ODR of less than 1%. A problem exists with an order if:

  • Has negative feedback
  • A successful A-to-Z claim
  • Credit card chargeback


amazon account health rating

2. Cancellation Rate

Only seller-fulfilled orders are included in this metric, which tracks order cancellation rates across 7 days. For instance, it wouldn’t affect your cancellation rate if a consumer canceled a pending order (CR). This statistic for account health must be less than 2.5%.

3. Late Dispatch Rate

The Late Dispatch Rate (LDR), calculated over a 10 or 30-day period, is the proportion of total orders (as a percentage) for which the shipment confirmation was provided after the anticipated ship date. If your LDR is over 4%, you risk receiving a warning or being suspended.

amazon account health

4.Valid Tracking Rate

The Valid Tracking Rate (VTR), shown over 30 days, calculates the proportion of total orders for which it has provided a valid tracking number. Once more, this metric only applies to orders that the merchant fulfills. Maintain this statistic at or above 95%, and you should be fine.

5. On-Time Delivery Rate

The number of packages that arrive at their destinations by the estimated delivery date as a percentage of all orders is known as the On-Time Delivery Rate (OTDR). Keeping it at 97% is better because this metric only applies to seller-fulfilled orders.

6. Return Dissatisfaction Rate

Last but not least, this indicator looks at how happy a consumer is with the return process. The Return Dissatisfaction Rate (RDR) must be necessary for the Return Dissatisfaction Rate (RDR) to be around 10%, although it may increase if you:

  • Receive unfavorable feedback (Negative Return Feedback Rate),
  • Ignore a return request for more than 48 hours (Late Response Rate), or
  • Incorrectly reject a return request (Invalid Rejection Rate)
amazon seller

7.Invoice Defect Rate

Amazon unveiled the Invoice Defect Rate metric in June 2020. It intends to assist independent sellers in keeping an eye on the invoicing experience that Amazon Business clients receive when they need receipts or invoices for tax and accounting purposes.

What Exactly is the Amazon Invoice Defect Rate?

By the Amazon Business invoicing policy, the fraction of orders placed by Amazon Business customers for which you did not deliver a downloaded VAT invoice (or a receipt) within one business day following the shipping confirmation. Amazon advises sellers to keep their Invoice Defect Rate under 5%. As of this writing, nothing needs to be done if your Amazon Invoice Defect Rate is higher than this threshold.

What Happens if You Don't Meet the Amazon Account Health Metrics?

Amazon will ask you for a Plan of Action (POA) for improvement if you don’t meet the desired KPIs for Account Health within 48 hours. If Amazon accepts your POA, which shows that you comprehend the issue and your plan to fix it, Amazon won’t suspend your account in that case.

How May We Assist You?

Maintaining your Amazon account health should always come first, but not at the price of keeping up with other aspects of your business. Utilizing HRL Infotechs is hands-free and can significantly save your time. Once everything is set up, you may leave it running in the background and make any necessary future little adjustments. However, if you don’t use it, you’re losing out on something really fascinating. So, register immediately and start a journey towards becoming a top amazon seller.

6 Ways to Drive External Traffic to Your Amazon Listing- Off Amazon Marketing Strategies

Sales! This is the reason you started an Amazon store & run product ads. You must have adopted various advertising strategies for your business, but do you know that there is still room for more growth? To make things work, you need to be capable of driving external traffic to your Amazon Listing. This article demonstrates the top six ways to drive external traffic to your Amazon Listing. 

Why advertise on Amazon anyway?

If you’re reading through this, you’re possibly trying to expand your business. Your Amazon PPC Campaigns are set up properly, with an already written excellent Amazon seller list bringing a nice amount of sales. And that’s a great thing considering that 66% of customers’ product research begins on Amazon, per a 2019 Statista survey of Amazon users.

However, this also means that 34% of consumer traffic originates from Amazon. If you’ve only been focusing your advertising & marketing efforts only inside Amazon, that represents a sizeable portion of unrealized potential. You need to focus on driving external efforts.

Ways to drive external traffic to Amazon listing

1.Amazon Sponsored Ads

Vendors and third-party sellers who are Brand Registry members have access to Amazon Sponsored ads. They can create display ads using this tool both on and off Amazon. The display ads aren’t just shown to customers on third-party websites & apps but also to Amazon search results & product detail pages.

25% of independent Amazon sellers have used Amazon Sponsored ads since this ad format debuted in 2019. Despite not being the most common ad type on Amazon, it still contributes 2% to the company’s advertising income. It’s a no-brainer to use Sponsored Display to test off-Amazon ads if your brand is registered.

amazon sponsored ads

2.Facebook ads

You may be surprised to know that 21% of consumers begin their product searches on social media. And that amount is far too high to ignore. Facebook advertising is a fantastic social media marketing tool that enables you to target particular demographics and interests of people who are more likely to search for and buy your products.

Ads on Facebook, when used effectively, can significantly increase your Amazon FBA sales! We advise sending traffic to a landing page prior to your Amazon seller list when using Facebook ads. This helps you:

  • You pique visitors’ interest and get them in the mood to make a purchase.
  • You gather customer information from the landing page, specifically their email addresses.

3.Advertise on deal websites

There are many deals sites where you can advertise your products. Because everyone enjoys a good offer, these websites may also be included in your target audience metrics. Here’s what you can do:

  • Find a few popular websites that have a loyal following of users.
  • Shortlisted two or three sites & collaborate with them.

    This does require a fee, but in the end, it will fetch you a nice amount of sales.

4.Produce a fantastic product video

A third of internet users watch videos for the majority of their time. And so, a well-made video has the power to persuade viewers if used properly. You are fortunate if you’re already a registered brand or trademark and a participant in the Amazon Brand Registry program.

You can benefit from its video EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) feature. Only a few brands are taking full advantage of this fantastic feature. It’s one of the best & most efficient ways for your amazon seller list to stand out from your rivals. Hire someone to make videos for you if you are not an expert at doing it! HRL Infotechs graphic designing team can help you out.

amazon seller list

5. Create an email database

A trusted method for reaching your audience and organizing them according to their interests is to build an email list. There are several methods for obtaining customer email addresses.

Amazon sellers frequently use an approach to include a package insert with a link for “product registration.” An incentive for the customer should be stated in the insert, like a warranty, a freebie, a coupon code, etc. The link then directs them to a landing page where they input data that identifies their order, such as their Amazon order ID# and email address. By gathering that data, you create a database of email addresses of clients who are interested in the kind of product you are selling.

6. Use Google Ads

As discussed above, social media channels can drive huge external traffic to your Amazon listings, but one cannot ignore a giant like Google. Are you thinking that what is the trick of getting external traffic through Google Ads? The very first step is connecting the amazon product listing to the landing page. With this, as soon as the potential customer clicks the ad, he will be redirected to the Amazon product page, where he can directly make a purchase. 

Keyword research plays a vital role when it comes to google ads as it directly influences the organic ranking. One wrong keyword negatively impacts the budget you have set for ads. Moreover, wrong keywords can also bring your organic ranking down. So before running Google ads, it is suggested to optimize your Amazon listing with targeted keywords, add attractive images that grab attention, and write valuable content that can connect with your positional customers.

Amazon Listing

7.Using influencers

The audience’s purchasing behavior can be greatly influenced by a carefully chosen influencer in the industry—hence the word “influencer.” The two platforms where most people collaborate with influencers are YouTube and Instagram, but anyone who has an audience of followers can be an influencer. The most well-liked amazon influencer market strategy is to ask influencers to do a review for one of your products. With cold outreach, this is essentially a hit-and-miss strategy, but eventually, you’ll find influencers who’ll do a review for you to receive your products for free.


There are multiple ways to get customers to visit your Amazon Listing. But if you want to drive greater traffic, leveraging external sources like Facebook, google ads, etc., is highly crucial. Email and influencer marketing also adds to these efforts as each brings in a different kind of traffic. You must remember that Amazon is an e-commerce medium. So, whether you sell a pen or electronic items, you must ensure that your amazon seller list looks great & sells well. Follow the mentioned tips and get your Amazon business growing!

Want to Sell More with Amazon Lightning Deals & Coupons?

Desire Boosting Your Sales with Amazon Lightning Deals & Coupons?

One thing is what many Amazon shoppers are looking for: a good deal. Price comparison and searching for deals are made simple when buying online. Additionally, given the high level of customer trust in Amazon and the advantages of fast shipping provided by Amazon Prime, Amazon Seller Central is an excellent venue for businesses to run special deals and discounts. 

Losses could be severe if you go beyond. What number of discounted things can you sell before calling it a day? Setting up Amazon Lightning Deals is an excellent choice. These are short-term promos that are only active for a short period. This is a great deal for Amazon customers. Some brands might, however, be curious as to the benefits. Continue reading to learn how to benefit from these offers.

Utilizing Amazon Lightning Deals is one strategy for engaging your audience. They are limited-time promotional offers that are available on Amazon Seller Central. They often appear on the Amazon Deals Page for 4-6 hours. You can immediately increase sales by hosting a Lightning Deal for your goods. You also need to understand why and how to use Amazon Coupons?

Everything that you need to know about Lightning Deals & Coupons, including whether they’re worthwhile, will be covered in this article.

How do Amazon Lightning Deals Work?

Discounts and promotions are a terrific method to raise your ranks and increase sales on Amazon Seller Central. In that situation, Amazon Lightning Deals are your best pals. They make it simple to decrease your inventory as well. Sellers launch these brief promotions to pique customers’ interest and increase sales. Additionally, shoppers might get a terrific offer with Amazon Lightning Deals.
Most categories, including electronics, apparel, home appliances, beauty products, etc., have discounts and lightning deals that customers may take advantage of.

Eligibility Criteria for Running Amazon Lightning Deals

You must fulfill the following requirements to be qualified to create a lightning deal:

  • You Got to Be A Professional Seller: Therefore, individual account-based vendors are not permitted to make Amazon lightning deals. It costs $39.99/month to have a Professional Seller Account.

  • Each month, you must receive at least 5 seller feedback ratings.

  • Maintain an Overall Rating of 3.5-Stars: Generating a lighting deal requires your sales history to have a rating of at least 3.5. If your rating is under 3.5, you should concentrate on giving your customers a wonderful experience to raise it.

    You must also be eligible to sell the products you want to highlight in Amazon’s lightning deals. Mainly, your Amazon product management must satisfy the following requirements:

    • Your products must have at least a 3.0-star rating.

    • The product reviews must follow Amazon’s customer product review guidelines.

    • Where applicable, the product must include all of its modifications.

    • All the products must be brand-new. You can’t use ‘used’ products in lightning deals.

    • Your products shouldn’t be offensive, inappropriate, or restricted.

    • The product must be Prime-eligible for all areas.

    • Your product must abide by the pricing and deal frequency guidelines.

    As a result of Amazon’s stringent adherence to its regulations, it is imperative to abide by these rules to prevent fines and account restrictions.

How Do You Configure Amazon Lightning Deals?

Do you believe that Amazon Lightning Deals might give your company the push it needs? Assuming you have complied with all the prerequisites, we’ll now demonstrate how to set up a lightning deal for your brand. Follow these steps: 

Amazon lightning deals
  1. Register with Seller Central – Select the ‘create a new deal’ button under the ‘advertising’ section.

  2. Choose the Product to Promote – The dashboard will direct you to the lightning offers. You must provide the necessary details for the transaction here.

  3. Select a Time Period – You, as the seller, can suggest a time to close the deal. However, the precise time each lightning bargain runs can only be decided by Amazon.

  4. Create the Deal – Submit the deal pricing, the number of each product, and its variations.

For the deal, Amazon will determine the maximum price, the minimum discount, and the minimum quantity. If you cannot locate products for Amazon Lightning Deals, you must check whether you are eligible for the same. That’s about it; you can now visit the overview page. Before sending the transaction to Amazon, you can review its details.

Does Amazon Levy a Fee for the Lightning Deals?

Yes, after successfully submitting a Lightning Deal, Amazon does charge a fee. One of the often occurring variables affecting the cost of your Deal is ‘Date range.

Go to Seller Central > Reports > Payments > Transaction View > Service Fees for more information regarding your fees.

Remember that just because a product is featured on Lightning Deal doesn’t mean its listing will succeed. You are charged by Amazon whether or not your deal is successful. If you or Amazon decide to end the transaction before the scheduled start time, Amazon won’t charge you.

Perks of Creating Amazon Lightning Deals

On Amazon, the Lightning Deals page is among the most visited. Lightning Deals are designed to provide buyers with little windows of opportunity to locate excellent bargains on the goods they wish to purchase.

By utilizing Amazon Lightning Deals, you can:

  • Boost your sales

  • Swiftly minimize inventory

  • Uplift brand recall

  • Enhance your listing traffic

What are Amazon Coupons?

Similar to department or grocery stores, Amazon offers discounts using coupons to boost sales. Amazon is aware that offering customers a better bargain will encourage them to purchase more items and to consider items that are not an immediate necessity. Except that they are entirely digital and won’t be delivered by mail, Amazon coupons are comparable to coupons seen elsewhere.

Amazon offers discounts in various ways, some of which are automatic, but customers have more control over coupons. The Coupon needs to be attached to be used. The most significant distinction between coupons from other sources and those from Amazon is that you are in charge of setting up and using the discounts because Amazon is primarily made up of third-party vendors.

Although the marketplace does establish some limitations on who is permitted to utilize coupons and the range of discounts, the seller has the final say over what is included in the Coupon. Although Amazon provides the tools, it is up to you to figure out how to use them and maximize the benefits of the coupons for your purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions about Amazon Coupons!

Amazon Discount code

1. How can I find and utilize Amazon coupons? 

You can locate coupons on the Coupons Home Page, Product Detail Page, Search, Product Listing Pages, and Your Shopping Cart. By using the Collect Coupon button found on these pages, you can collect coupons before using them. The Amazon discount code will automatically apply when you check out using the coupon.

2. Are there any coupon codes I need to copy-paste? 

Promo codes are not readily available to copy and paste. When you check out, the Amazon discount code will be applied instantly when you click the Collect Coupon button.

3. Can I get a coupon today and use it later to buy something? 

Yes. From the Coupon bar on the Coupons pages, you can see the Coupons, which will expire soon, so that you can purchase them before expiry. When you buy the item from the same seller from where you obtained the voucher, the coupon will be automatically saved to your account and applied. Meanwhile, if the coupon validity expires, it’ll be removed from your account.

4. Where will I find the coupons collected by me? 

When you visit the Amazon Coupons page, you’ll find a View Coupons link on the Coupons Bar at the top. Once you click on it, it’ll take you to the Your Coupons page showing all the valid coupons collected by you.

amazon discount voucher

5. What happens if I want to return the item purchased using a Coupon? 

If you return the item within the return window and want a refund, you’ll get the amount paid by you. If you want a replacement, you’ll get it for free without any additional payment.

6. If I collect a coupon and purchase multiple quantities of the item, will I get the discount on all items? 

No, only one unit of your order will be eligible for the Coupon discount. For instance, if you receive a coupon for 5% off Item X worth $100 and spend $400 on 4 pieces of Item X, you will only receive a discount of $5 and not $20.

As a vendor or seller, running Amazon lightning deals & Amazon coupons should be a component of your long-term Amazon marketing services. It not only raises awareness of the deals’/coupons’ products but may also have a halo effect on other products or brands of yours, boosting sales. 

These deals and coupons can improve visibility and grow your brand. They also allow you to sacrifice incremental profits for a more significant benefit, which can be less expensive than paying a hefty upfront fee. Also, they often elicit a sense of urgency because many are time-limited or have a set number of redemptions.

Discover more about Deals & Coupons on Amazon and Grow Your Brand with us. Reach out to us now for Your Amazon Account Management

Curated List of Top Amazon FBA Aggregators

The eCommerce market is taking a new turn with the entry of top amazon aggregators. These aggregators are raising billions of dollars to acquire Amazon businesses. The explosion of these roll-up firms has encouraged many Amazon fba sellers across leading marketplaces like amazon to sell their brands at attractive payouts. 

Are you wondering what these huge upfront payouts mean for your store? What is the right time to sell your business? What are the worthy factors that can grab the attention of these amazon aggregators in your brand? Do sellers availing of Amazon FBA services have higher chances? And last but not least, who are the most popular Amazon FBA Aggregators? Keep reading the blog to find out answers to all your questions.

Role of Amazon FBA Aggregator

The popularity of Amazon as the most prominent e-commerce platform, pandemic shopping, and the rise in new sellers are the major reasons that paved the way for aggregators in the past couple of years. Amazon roll-up business or Amazon FBA Aggregators purchases smaller brands and works in order to make these less known brands popular and profitable enterprises. Yes, it requires funds, and they get these funds from big investors.  

Who are these Amazon FBA aggregators? Do they know your brand better than you? Many of these aggregators are ex-Amazonians, sellers, top businesses, startups, and gurus who have vast expertise and resources to change the fate of a brand. 

How does an Amazon Aggregator pick up a brand?

It’s not just that Amazon aggregator picks up any average brand and works in the hope of its success. They choose the best one that can bring profit and have chances of scaling to the next level. Every aggregator has its own process or criteria to ensure that products that a brand owns are of high enough quality. Some have an interest in specific product categories. In contrast, others look for businesses that fall within a certain revenue range. Here we have listed some general requirements: 

1) Businesses that avail fulfilment by Amazon (Amazon FBA services) are in high demand since they require less logistical effort and benefit greatly from Prime shipment times.

2) As long as the things provide enough revenue, less is more. A few products worth $2 million each are far more desirable than several totaling the same value.

3) While some Amazon FBA aggregators employ a benchmark of $500,000, most look for brands with a minimum yearly net income of $200,000. Typically, minimum net margins are around 15% (with 10% being the lowest). 

4) Private-label brands and Amazon FBA sellers having their own products are of particular interest to aggregators. Also, enrollment in Amazon Brand Registry cannot be ignored due to its trademark protection. 

5) Amazon FBA Aggregators usually prefer popular products. Highly rated products with high reviews indicate product quality, customer loyalty, and trust. 

6) Many aggregators focus on a specific market and hence don’t consider products that are viewed as out of trend or are very seasonal.

Top Amazon FBA Aggregators List

If we look into the current stats, there are more than 90 confirmed Amazon FBA Aggregators. They have raised around $12.5 billion funds in the last three years. We have listed some of the top aggregators below:

Amazon fba

1) Acquco (USA)

Former Amazon employees developed Acquco focusing on Amazon FBA firms in North America, the UK, and the EU.Operating on eBay, Walmart, Shopify, and Amazon, the company generated more than $100 million in revenue in less than a year. Also, the CEO and Co-founder, Raunak Nirmal, was recently featured on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Retail & eCommerce List 2022. Moreover, the company uses technology to automate due diligence, quickly enroll brands and retrieve unused deal flow.  

2) Cap Hill Brands (USA) 

Founded in the year 2020, Cap Hill Brands operates smartly with a team of dedicated employees focusing on marketing, distribution, post-acquisition, product development, and brand management. The firm has a portfolio of more than seven brands ranging from kids’ essentials to kids’ food. 

3) Merama (Mexico) 

Merama is a Mexico-based consumer product firm started by former Amazon, Mercado Libre, and Facebook employees. With $100m in debt and $60m in seed raised, the company focuses on overtaking and scaling the best Latin American brands.

4) SellerX (Germany) 

L Catterton, the biggest consumer-focused private equity company in the world, has backed SellerX in its acquisition of Amazon FBA companies. 

It already has more than 30 brands in its portfolio, but it hopes to quadruple that number by utilizing its extensive expertise of production, eCommerce, and operations to acquire and expand additional top brands in the categories of home goods, infant care, pets, health, beauty, and other essentials.

 5) Berlin Brands Group (Germany)

Founded in 2005, Berlin Brands Group is the first aggregator in Berlin and a pioneer in the DTC business. The Berlin-based Company sells more than 3,700 items per day through its 34 e-commerce brands. Out of the 34 brands, since December 2020, it has purchased around 20 brands, and the remaining 14 are in the incubation stage. Operating in 28 countries, the company has recently acquired d Orange Brands Marvin Amberg and Charles von Abercron as their founders. 

6) Thrasio (USA)

A Boston-based e-commerce company Thrasio was established with a view to acquire and build brands that are sold on the Amazon marketplace. Thrasio has a staff of approximately 700 employees, including supply chain experts, growth marketers, video experts, and brand managers. Thrasio has acquired more than 100 vendors in the previous three years. Categories include electronics, food, automotive parts, baby and child accessories, electronics, food, exercise equipment, yard, garage, home & décor, musical instruments, outdoor gear, personal care, pets, toys, crafts, and games. 

Other FBA Aggregator

1) Alphagreen Group (UK)

2) Perch (USA)

3) Razor (Germany)

4) UnyBrands (USA)

5) Elevate Brands (USA)

6) Heyday (USA)

7) Mantaro (Germany)

8) Forest (Japan)

9) Factory 14 (Luxembourg) 

10) Global Bees (India)

What is the right time to sell your brand?

There is nothing such as the right time. You are the one responsible for the final decision. Some sellers choose to sell their brands when they are about to fund new ones, while others sell when they think of stopping selling altogether. Whatever category you fall in, you must ensure everything is accurately planned before reaching any decision.  

Are you lagging due to poor sales and don’t wish to sell your brand? Our Amazon FBA consultancy has got your back! HRL Infotechs has a dedicated team of marketers and advertisers who handle everything from inventory management to advertising. They closely pay heed to scale up your brand growth and maintain a profitable business.

How Walmart Advertising Services Introduces Keyword Bidding for Sponsored Ads?

Promote Your Brand through Walmart Advertising Services

A significant improvement for Walmart Advertising Services is the addition of keyword bidding for Walmart Sponsored Ads. However, The service is much more constrained than its Amazon version. Walmart added keyword bidding to their online marketplace advertising platform in mid-April. We have been investigating and evaluating the new service’s features. What we currently understand is listed below.

In What Ways Does Walmart Advertise?

Have you ever wondered how Walmart advertises or what Walmart advertising strategy is? By establishing itself as a media platform, it regularly makes a significant push to scale Walmart advertising campaigns.

Walmart manages the transactional data of its customers and assists brands in retargeting consumers to The company’s brick-and-mortar facilities, which deliver on a promise to link online and offline customers, are the most significant selling point. Walmart is making this count by promoting its combo as a critical differentiator from Amazon. This is achieved through regular meetings with prospective clients, summits with brands and agencies, and educational events.

According to recent Securities and Exchange Commission filings, Walmart has more than 5000 outlets worldwide, and its e-commerce operation has grown by 50% in the second quarter of every year. Although online sales only make up a small portion of Walmart’s $486 billion in annual revenue, ad buyers credit e-commerce companies. They suggest that the ad system will continue to expand. Online searches frequently lead to retail purchases. There are higher chances of Walmart surpassing Amazon in terms of valuable traffic if it owns more searches.

Walmart Advertising Strategies

Have you ever wondered how Walmart plans Walmart advertising campaigns? They diversify it on their website by employing the following ad formats:

  • Product listing ads
  • Organic search
  • Native Ads
  • Banner Ads

What Do Walmart Sponsored Ads Mean? uses a bidding system for Walmart sponsored ads, similar to Amazon. Sellers place bids on an allocated list of keywords related to their ads. When a customer’s search query incorporates that keyword, their ad surfaces, and the seller wins the bidding.

WPA allows vendors to bid on keywords based on match type: a broad, phrase, or an exact match. The minimum keyword bid is $0.30 as of April 2019. Although it does not now allow negative keywords, the Walmart advertising services plans to introduce them shortly.

What Are the Key Benefits that Walmart Sponsored Ads Offer?

walmart sponsored ads’s keyword bidding improvements are a huge step forward, but they must improve significantly before it can compete with Amazon. However, Walmart Sponsored Ads to provide a unique set of advantages for the Walmart marketplace, such as:

  1. Surges Visibility – Every month, more than 100 million potential customers visit Walmart’s search results, product detail, and category pages. As previously stated, these are the main places on the website where Walmart sponsored ads are displayed. Each segment receives much traffic, which increases the visibility of your products.


  2. Uncomplicated Target The process is straightforward as Walmart chooses where to place Walmart advertising campaigns and which keyword combinations work best with other listings.


  3. Generates Sales – Directly guides prospective customers to the product pages for purchasing. Additionally, you only get paid when a user hits the advertisement. This means your products are advertised on a well-known platform at a reasonable rate.

Few more are as follow:

  • Escalating sales
  • Showcasing your product to Walmart’s huge target audience
  • Guarding against competitive product launches
  • Improvising seasonal campaigns
  • Assisting you in finding new audiences and keywords for your listings
  • Enhancing organic ranking by scaling conversions and traffic

Where Might Walmart Sponsored Ads Show Up?

Walmart Sellers can also spend money on an advertisement to publicize their sponsored products online:

1.Results of Organic Searches.

One of the significant locations for sponsored ads or listings in search results. Advertisers can choose particular search terms or keywords that consumers use and increase their bids. This ad placement is highly valuable due to the intent to purchase when they search for a product on an e-commerce website.

2.Homepage – As Banners.

The homepage of a website is one of the significant locations for sponsored ads. It is one of the best strategies for businesses to raise consumer awareness and encourage purchases of their goods. However, online sellers demand a hefty sum for this location.

3.Results Page by Product Category.

When a person browses the website, sponsored ads are displayed in a specific product category section. Although it isn’t a search in the strictest sense, exploring the categories indicates a purchase intent and guarantees accurate targeting.

4.Product Description Page.

There will be Other Related Products/Customers Also Viewed These Products on every product page in most online marketplaces. Vendors contend for these positions because doing so also influences people to buy. There are hence good reasons why vendors advertise their goods in these spots.

5. Emails.

Sponsored ads or listings aren’t only restricted to websites. You can add them to emails to increase money without interfering with the reading experience. There is also a sizable benefit for making less effort.

Limitations on Keyword Bidding at the Campaign Level

Walmart Seller Central permits keyword bidding only at the campaign level presently. Walmart advises between 30 and 50 products, but advertisers and sellers are free to use any amount. After developing the campaign, sellers generate a keywords list for that campaign. If your bid is successful, Walmart will choose the item from your campaign that they feel is the most relevant to that term and then display an ad for it. Walmart has stated that selecting the most pertinent goods considers the title, product description, backend keywords, price, and sales history.

Precisely How Are Keywords Chosen?

– Manual vs. Automatic Campaigns:

Walmart Seller Central provides 2 campaign types-

walmart seller central
  1. Manual – You choose the keywords you want to bid on from a list Walmart offers. Walmart chooses up to 220 keywords for the seller after selecting the most pertinent ones for the sponsored products in your campaign using an automatic keyword recommendation tool. Then, sellers decide which of those 220 recommendations to incorporate into their manual efforts. Although Walmart intends to add the capability within the year, for the time being, vendors cannot add keywords to their manual ads that are not on the published list.


  • You must win the Buy Box to place the bid.
  • The keyword match type level is where bids are set(broad, phrase, exact).
  • Ads are only eligible for search within the grid.
  • 220 keywords are permitted for each campaign.
  • Minimum spending for a campaign: $1,000
  • Minimum daily expenditure: $100
walmart advertising strategy

2. Automatic – Walmart chooses when to display sponsored products based on keywords found in the product title, description, and other areas of the product listing, product category, and similar product section. Walmart provides a list of the search terms used in its automated advertising that resulted in conversions to its sellers.


  • To place the bid, you must win the Buy Box.
  • There are product-level bids.
  • All WPA placements are permissible for ads.
  • Minimum campaign budget: $1,000
  • Minimum daily spend: $100

Diversify into Walmart

Walmart is rapidly growing its online advertising network. Brands would be irresponsible if they ignored, which is backed by substantial resources and has the potential to become a key player in e-commerce.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your account manager or use our contact form to get help in scaling your online presence by joining Walmart Seller Central. We’ll collaborate with you to start your entry into Walmart’s online market.

How to create Amazon A+ content design to enhance your product listings on Amazon

Consumer behavior is changing. They make shopping decisions based on what they see through your brand & how your product solves their needs. For instance, if you’re an apparel seller, a customer who lands on your product page would want to know what materials you use and whether you have designs & features like zippers. This is the information you offer them through product listings.

To assist global sellers in optimizing their sales with product listings, Amazon presents Amazon A+ content design as an effective tool. One of its helpful features is the ability to create A+ designs for product descriptions.

Analyses reveal that Amazon amazon a + content design services has helped increase the overall product sales by boosting impressions 3x. So you can imagine how brands with an Amazon product listing that doesn’t generate sales have been making them lose to competitors.

Let’s discuss the whole shebang around Amazon A+ design.

What is Amazon A+ content?

Amazon A+ Content is a special tool inside Amazon Seller central account. Formally known as Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), it allows brands to design appealing Amazon product descriptions for listing Content.

Through Amazon EBC,

  • You can dive into details with technological specs.
  • Add plus Content, including images, product setup & videos.
  • And run A/B tests to optimize for conversion.
  • A+ Content appears on Amazon in the product description section. This is only when you choose to replace the regular text product description.
Amazon a + content design

Is Amazon A+ content worth it?

  • Amazon says that adding plus Content to product descriptions boosts sales by an average of 10%.
  • Moreover, as customers love Content that’s easy to skim, adding images & videos to product listings attracts more users.
  • Amazon A+ listing further offers a better understanding of products virtually.
  • It makes your product stand out from competitors and helps you build your brand reputation.
  • Customer recognition of your brand protects your product from being counterfeit as buyers know you’re the rightful owner.
  • Content listing fetches greater traffic and higher conversion rates, thus bringing in better reviews for your product.

Enhanced brand content amazon aims at improving sales by enhancing product listing with scannable text; highlighting features through images. One can also add videos to their A+ Content. Creating plus Content benefits you from an Amazon SEO point of view.

Leveraging A+ Content can help your product appear in the SERP of Amazon, which indirectly improves your ranking and better conversation rates—ultimately leading to more sales!

Who Can Create Amazon A+ Content Design?

  1. Amazon enables A+ Content to its registered sellers. You can add about 15 ASINs each month for A+ Content listing (but only to items that are a part of your approved brand catalog).
  2. Amazon sellers participating under Amazon Exclusive programs or Launchpad can automatically access A+ Content Manager. Once eligible, you can include ASINs in the content listing. (Note that you can create an Amazon a+ content design for parent & child ASINs).

How to create A+ Content on Amazon?

To create Amazon content, you must first choose a professional selling plan & be certified as a brand owner by Amazon Brand Registry.

Below’s the step-by-step process for creating Amazon A+ content Design:

  1. Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account.

2. Go to the Advertising tab & click the A+ Content Manager option.

Amazon a + content design

3. On the A+ Content Manager page, find the ‘start creating A+ Content.’ After clicking on it, you’ll find templates – as shown below

a+ content manager

4. If you click the ‘Create Basic’ template, you’ll be redirected to a page wherein you need to select the templates for your design and enter the ASIN.

amazon a+ design
  1. If you click the ‘Create a Brand Story’ template, you’ll be redirected to a page wherein you can address your brand before designing the EBC by choosing the template. 

  2. Once you’ve selected the design, the layout, upload your Content, including images.


  3. Check the preview and click on the finish button.

How long does an A+ content review take?

The approval of A+ Content may need up to seven days.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Watch the progress of your Content in Seller Central.
  • Follow all the Amazon A+ design guidelines if you don’t want your listing to be rejected for claims against Amazon’s rules.
amazon a+ listing

Tips for Creating Effective Amazon A+ listing

  • Focus on your product’s USP.
  • Keep your Content short and clear.
  • Keep it visual and less textual.
  • Utilize your product reviews.
  • Avoid making content errors.
  • Pay attention to image size and resolution.
  • Review Content before submitting it for approval.
  • Check if your Content looks optimized for mobile.

Before working on Amazon a+ content design, it’s always a great idea to refer to Amazon’s A+ Content Guidelines. This will save you time & help ensure that you don’t violate any of Amazon’s terms.

End Note

Creating an A+ listing requires an upfront time investment, but that investment is worth the longevity of your brand and products. If you’re a brand owner registered on Amazon, you must take advantage of this unique feature. And if you’re new to selling products & want to create Amazon a+ content design but are confused about how to get started, then you can reach out to HRL Infotechs for a+ content design services and assistance. HRL offers top amazon a + content design services to help you hit your goals on top marketplaces. 

How Can Walmart Account Management Services Help You 3x Your Walmart Sales?

Uplift Your Sales by 3x with Walmart Account Management Services!

On almost any e-commerce site, there are countless strategies to boost sales. Furthermore, you are in the ideal place if you are prepared to sell on Walmart or are already doing so. Here is a quick question to get things started. Do you have a successful strategy supporting a rich customer experience in your Walmart shop while optimizing conversion rates?

Walmart is a growing market with more than 110 million unique visitors. It has given numerous vendors access to a Perfect Platform with a powerful conversion rate optimization method. Records show that Walmart has room to sell 11 million different things. This gives you enough reasons to seek ways not just to sell but increase sales on Walmart and reap the benefits.

The past year was essential in clearing the way for the development of the e-commerce market. The market’s emphasis on customer satisfaction and buyers’ changing expectations have led to improvements that will alter how you sell in 2022. Regarding Walmart store management, the change in consumer behavior resulted in several market developments. 

Few stats that prove the need for Walmart Account Management Services:

  • The US e-commerce market saw a 37% revenue gain during Walmart’s Q1 FY22.


  • Walmart earned $138.3 billion in the first quarter of 2021, which is $6.34 billion more than the prediction and handily topped Wall Street’s revenue and earnings per share projections, according to the company.


  • Walmart recently revealed its plans to allocate $14 billion in the fiscal year 2022 toward “capital improvements, including changes to the supply chain, enhanced automation, and other business areas that executives think will fuel long-term sales growth.

Reading this blog lets you learn about the evolving e-commerce market industry and the exciting things coming up in 2022. Examine the changes made to the Walmart Marketplace last year and learn everything you need to know to sell on Walmart in 2022.

How to Sell Your Products on Walmart?

Walmart account management services

You must finish a five-step application process to start selling on as an authorized third-party (3P) seller. These steps are mentioned below:

  1. Approval
  2. Contract
  3. Registration
  4. Onboarding
  5. Request Launch

Qualifications to Sell On the Walmart Marketplace.

The Walmart Marketplace has several minimal requirements for 3P sellers to ultimate ensure that they live up to Walmart store management’s standards in 3 crucial areas:

  • E-commerce experience
  • A fascinating products catalog that amplifies Walmart’s overall offerings
  • History that demonstrates a persistent commitment to delivering a pleasant client experience

Walmart Management Services Can Make Your Business.

If you are already running a business, you know how difficult and time-consuming it may be. There is always something that needs your attention, from inventory to order fulfillment. Therefore, whether you like it or not, you will eventually need to manage your brand’s activities to prevent losses.

However, it’s not like all sellers have the time to run their businesses full-time or the knowledge to use the Walmart marketplace, mainly if they are unfamiliar with this retail behemoth’s system. Consequently, it would be wise to look for Walmart account management services from knowledgeable persons or reputable firms if you feel ill-equipped to handle your business at Walmart. Looking for a reputable firm to manage your account? Experts at HRL Infotechs can help you attain your goals. 

With Walmart account management services, you can get support and direction for your brand in the following areas:

  • Product listing optimization
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Sponsored ads management
  • Product launch
  • Brand protection and assistance

Profits of Using Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS)?

Sellers can keep their inventory at fulfillment facilities run by Walmart, thanks to Walmart Fulfillment Services. The WFS team will pick, pack, and ship an order placed on on behalf of the seller. Walmart likewise handles orders placed through WFS regarding returns and customer service. The scale, reach, and efficiency that Walmart has worked so hard to perfect over the years are available to marketplace vendors that use WFS.

1. Ensure 2-day Delivery

Walmart is up to the challenge despite Amazon Prime’s establishing the benchmark for quick shipping. WFS enables retailers to provide 2-day shipping within the contiguous United States. 2-day shipping also aids in the prominence of your products in the Buy Box, which increases the number of customers who will view your listings.

2. Management of Inventory & Orders

Sellers may track orders, inventory levels, and shipments using real-time reporting dashboards provided by WFS. The Fulfillment Insights tab in Walmart Seller Central enables retailers to monitor important shipment information by the carrier, region, and shipping performance.

3. Consumer Assistance

Walmart handles all consumer requests for information, refunds, and returns using WFS. To maximize product visibility and boost conversion, participating items are shown with tags like 2 Day Delivery, Free & Easy Returns, and Fulfilled by Walmart.

4. Uncomplicated Pricing

A monthly storage fee and transportation costs based on weight or dimension make up the basic pricing structure of WFS.

How Do Walmart Account Management Services Work?

Walmart marketplace

It’s challenging to run an internet business, especially if you’ve only recently begun using a brand-new platform like Walmart. Even if you already have seller accounts on other platforms, you need to modify your tactics, learn the marketplace rules, and adjust to them. Because of these, managing other crucial activities to manage your business may make you feel overburdened.

Although being independent is admirable, there will be occasions when you need assistance from another person. It’s not because you are weak or incapable; working with professionals like account managers will help you flourish. You may avoid losses and opportunity expenses, which can be harmful to your organization, by utilizing their abilities and experiences.

The challenges you have with managing inventory, sales, returns, and refunds, as well as introducing new products under your brand, are often covered by online Walmart account management services. Additionally, an account manager might recommend traffic-boosting marketing techniques like Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Finally, they can assist you in registering your brand with Walmart to protect it against copycats.

What Advantages Do Account Managers Offer to Walmart Sellers?

Walmart account managers may help with various aspects of your online store, as was already discussed. This section will cover the advantages of using their services in greater detail.

1.Help in your Walmart Store Management to save time and money.

Because they believe it will be a time and financial waste, many sellers are hesitant to hire account managers for their company. Instead of trusting someone who might cause more harm than good, they would manage their firms independently.

Although customers have legitimate concerns, they should know that many trustworthy and capable account managers are available, provided they are diligent when selecting one. However, they can anticipate reaping the rewards of hiring them after they make the appropriate choice for their team.

These advantages ensure inventory, orders, and returns are checked and tracked to prevent losses and missed opportunities. Additionally, with their help, you’ll have more time for other crucial jobs and aspects of your organization, like product creation and research. Therefore, as you partner with them, you will make more money than lose it and may even scale your Walmart business.

2.Develop plans and strategies using the most recent market data and recommendations.

You might not always have the energy or time to absorb all the market rules and revisions that Walmart occasionally publishes. As a result, you could not alter your plans for campaign advertisements or product listing optimization. Even worse, your account could be suspended if you don’t go by the rules and standards.

Consider using account management services from reliable businesses to avoid having your account suspended or losing out on sales chances. They can immediately alert you to make adjustments and prevent blunders because they are regularly informed of market requirements.

To retain your exposure on, they will also develop new plans and strategies for your SEO and PPC depending on the recently revealed modifications.

3.They aid you in completing and submitting commitments.

Comprehensive account management services also give you the assistance you need to complete and submit the requirements for different seller programs, which is an advantage. Your account manager, for instance, will help you with the criteria to file and execute your application if you need to register your brand with Walmart.

Additionally, they may help you set up your account to use Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS). It would be advisable to let your account manager take care of it for you if you find it tedious to complete all of the required activities for this program.

4.Delivers professional advice to help you grow on Walmart Seller Central.

Employing an account manager gives your Walmart shop access to their support, but more crucially, their knowledge and experience. They can give you practical methods and best practices for scaling your business as they have collaborated with several Walmart and other online marketplace retailers.

Given that its customers can buy items on the Walmart marketplace at affordable prices, Walmart is renowned for its Everyday Low Prices (EDLP) approach. To draw in more customers, third-party vendors are strongly urged to use this tactic in their stores. 

For instance, a new Walmart vendor may initially find it difficult to set reasonable pricing for their goods. Due to their limited financial means, new Walmart sellers might not be willing to take that risk. The good news is that a Walmart account manager can assist you in determining the appropriate prices for your products without reducing your earnings. They are more than capable of boosting the sales of your products using marketing and listing optimization techniques.

In The End!

To summarize, one of the best things you can do for your brand is to use Walmart account management services. They are in charge of crucial operations for your company, like inventory control, marketing, new product launches, etc. Walmart store management is the need of the hour for all the Walmart Sellers. Reach out to HRL for availing Walmart Account Management Services