Flipkart Account Management Services

To help manage your Flipkart account more effectively, HRL provides professional account management services. Our Flipkart seller account management services are designed to help you grow your business and increase your sales.

Flipkart Account Management Services

HRL is your partner in registering and maintaining your seller account on Flipkart. Our flipkart account management services recognizes the special requirements of running an account that is ever-changing on a dynamic platform. From account sign-up and optimization and to customer service support, or paying attention to details like SKU ID, Images, Compliances, etc we offer the uber solutions so that the operations and the efficiency will be at its finest.

HRL's expert team specializes in managing Flipkart seller accounts, ensuring buyers navigate through listings effortlessly. Account management directly impacts account health and seller ratings, with HRL offering tailored strategies to align with platform updates and policies. They prioritize proactive measures for security, providing users with peace of mind.

Businesses we serve

We offer on and off Amazon ppc, advertising campaigns and sponsored ads management services for different industries, including Fashion & Beauty, Home & Decor, Electronics, Sports & Fitness, Toys & Games, Tools & Home Improvement, Health & Household, Pet Supplies, Automotive, Industrial & Scientific and more!

Our Tailored Services

HRL helps you handle your Flipkart account better. We give you advice and support whenever you need it. Our goal is to help you get more customers on Flipkart and reach your sales targets.

Amazon DSP services

Flipkart seller central account Setup

Our team takes care of setting up your Flipkart central account, so you can focus on developing your products. We'll gather all the required details and complete the seller registration process on Flipkart on your behalf. We will be setting up your Flipkart seller dashboard, which will give you the tools and insights necessary to monitor your sales, track your inventory levels and, by doing that, you will be able to optimize your performance on the platform.

Amazon attirbution

Case Log Management

We place great importance on the case log management to make sure that the buyer is happy and that we prevent any account suspension or penalty. Our dedicated team keeps a detailed record of every case, making sure that each one is promptly dealt with and the solutions are efficient.

Amazon sponsored product ads management

Account Health Monitoring

We proactively monitor your Flipkart seller account's health by regularly assessing various metrics and performance indicators such as performance scores, policy compliance, and order defect rates. By adopting a proactive approach, we quickly notice any signs of trouble and take immediate action to prevent account suspension, using data-driven insights to improve the performance and the marketplace success.

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Inventory Management

We assist in the inventory forecasting, stock level monitoring, and the coordination of replenishment activities so that your product listings are in line with the actual inventory levels, thus, reducing the risks of customer dissatisfaction and the possible penalties. We also conduct the routine research and analysis of your orders through Flipkart to know which products sell fast and which move slowly and thus, suggest the procurement policies to keep in line and not to lock your money in the unsold inventory.

 Amazon sponsored display ads management

Refund & Return Management

We manage return requests, facilitate product returns, processes refunds promptly, and resolves any related issues efficiently. We strive to uphold Flipkart's return policies while prioritizing customer satisfaction and minimizing disruptions to your business operations.

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Instant Action on Market Trends

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