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Ultimate Guide On Amazon Vine & How To Use It In 2022

Ultimate Guide On Amazon Vine & How To Use It In 2022

guide to amazon vine program

The importance of reviews to a product’s success is no surprise to anyone who has done online shopping. Product reviews are highly crucial when it comes to Amazon, as your seller ranking is impacted by the sales velocity and ratings, the factors that go into a product’s ranking. So if you want your Amazon product listings to be on page 1 of the search results? You need a power element.

Amazon Vine is one such element. It’s an ‘invitation-only’ program where Amazon enables a group of reviewers to rate the products that have been entered into the program.

Let’s explore what exactly the Amazon Vine program is, how to sign up, how much it costs, and whether it’s worthwhile to join!

benefits of amazon vine

What Is The Amazon Vine Program?

To give customers unbiased and honest product Amazon reviews, Amazon has established a product review program called Amazon Vine. Top reviewers on Amazon Vine are invited to receive a free product in exchange for a review. The reviewer and the vendor both gain from this incentive scheme.

These reviewers are known as Vine Voices, and they’re chosen for their capability to post insightful Amazon rating reviews of their earlier Amazon purchases.

“Amazon invites users to join Vine Voices depending on their reviewer rank. This is an indication of the caliber and value of their Amazon reviews as determined by other users.”

How does the program work for vendors?

Once you’re enrolled in this program, you can request anyone from the reviewers to test your product. But in exchange for their review, you must give one of your products for free.

Amazon rating reviews by Vine Voices are very thorough, including a detailed description of features and pictures of your product. But of course, taking part in this program doesn’t ensure positive feedback. Vine Voices don’t hold criticism whenever they find something wrong with a product.

With each enrollment, a business can submit up to 30 units of product for rating by the Vine Voices. But the products that qualify must have fewer than 30 Amazon reviews. Your product must also be available for purchase and have a sufficient supply.

Vine Customer Review

How can sellers enroll in the Amazon Vine program, & how much does it cost?

Previously, the Amazon Vine was only accessible to first-party sellers, and they had to pay high enrollment fees – generally 2,500$ to 7,500$ per ASIN. However, Amazon has recently allowed its third-party sellers to use Amazon Vine.

Third-party sellers don’t have to pay for the service as it’s free for them (apart from the cost of the ‘product’ they have to send to Amazon for the reviewers.)

Amazon Vine Review Program Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be a professional seller.
  • You must be certified by the Amazon brand registry.
  • Your product must have less than 30 reviews/ratings.
  • Your product must be offered by Amazon FBA under ‘New’ condition.
  • Your product should maintain a sufficient stock.
  • Your product must have a title, description, and picture on the listing page.
  • Your product shouldn’t be an adult product, app, or digital software.

Steps to enroll in Vine:

If your company and product fit the above criteria, you can enroll for the Amazon Vine by following these instructions:

1. Go to Vine under the Advertising tab on Seller Central.

Amazon Vine

2. On this screen, you'll find the "Enroll in Amazon Vine" button if your brand is registered.

Vine Enrollment

3. Enter your ASIN and click "Begin Enrollment" on the following screen.

Amazon Vine Program

What happens after you sign up for Amazon Vine?

After enrolling, you will have to submit samples of your goods to Amazon. Amazon will inform its Voices that your goods are available for testing. You can only enroll five ASINs at once at the moment.

Based on each reviewer’s prior purchases or reviews, Amazon chooses which Amazon product listing to recommend to them. For instance, Amazon will probably offer Vine Voice things in the electronics category if they like to buy and review gadgets.

Amazon will only display your product to a selected group of Vine Voices who frequently make purchases in your category for the first 28 days after membership. After 28 days, if there’s still stock available, Amazon will make it available to all Vine Voice reviewers.

Are product reviews required from Amazon Vine reviewers?

No. It’s crucial to remember that Vine Voice, who receives your products, isn’t required to provide reviews or write only favorable ones.

It may also take 4 to 8 weeks after a Vine Voice receives your product to write a review because they need to use it before giving it a verdict.

Can I delete a Vine review from Amazon?

Unless it breaches Amazon’s terms of service, you cannot delete an Amazon Vine review. You can’t get rid of a review, regardless of whether you agree with it or not.


The Amazon Vine program aims to help sellers generate positive product reviews. Only highly rated reviewers are allowed to participate in the Amazon Vine program since Amazon actively checks the participation of its Vine Voices. That way, customers also trust a product with reviews from Vine Voices.

If you want to introduce new products or increase sales of sluggish products, you must check out the Amazon Vine Program. Your product listings will succeed if it has good ratings on the side.