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How to create Amazon A+ content design to enhance your product listings on Amazon

How to create Amazon A+ content design to enhance your product listings on Amazon

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Consumer behavior is changing. They make shopping decisions based on what they see through your brand & how your product solves their needs. For instance, if you’re an apparel seller, a customer who lands on your product page would want to know what materials you use and whether you have designs & features like zippers. This is the information you offer them through product listings.

To assist global sellers in optimizing their sales with product listings, Amazon presents Amazon A+ content design as an effective tool. One of its helpful features is the ability to create A+ designs for product descriptions.

Analyses reveal that Amazon amazon a + content design services has helped increase the overall product sales by boosting impressions 3x. So you can imagine how brands with an Amazon product listing that doesn’t generate sales have been making them lose to competitors.

Let’s discuss the whole shebang around Amazon A+ design.

What is Amazon A+ content?

Amazon A+ Content is a special tool inside Amazon Seller central account. Formally known as Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), it allows brands to design appealing Amazon product descriptions for listing Content.

Through Amazon EBC,

  • You can dive into details with technological specs.
  • Add plus Content, including images, product setup & videos.
  • And run A/B tests to optimize for conversion.
  • A+ Content appears on Amazon in the product description section. This is only when you choose to replace the regular text product description.
Amazon a + content design

Is Amazon A+ content worth it?

  • Amazon says that adding plus Content to product descriptions boosts sales by an average of 10%.
  • Moreover, as customers love Content that’s easy to skim, adding images & videos to product listings attracts more users.
  • Amazon A+ listing further offers a better understanding of products virtually.
  • It makes your product stand out from competitors and helps you build your brand reputation.
  • Customer recognition of your brand protects your product from being counterfeit as buyers know you’re the rightful owner.
  • Content listing fetches greater traffic and higher conversion rates, thus bringing in better reviews for your product.

Enhanced brand content amazon aims at improving sales by enhancing product listing with scannable text; highlighting features through images. One can also add videos to their A+ Content. Creating plus Content benefits you from an Amazon SEO point of view.

Leveraging A+ Content can help your product appear in the SERP of Amazon, which indirectly improves your ranking and better conversation rates—ultimately leading to more sales!

Who Can Create Amazon A+ Content Design?

  1. Amazon enables A+ Content to its registered sellers. You can add about 15 ASINs each month for A+ Content listing (but only to items that are a part of your approved brand catalog).
  2. Amazon sellers participating under Amazon Exclusive programs or Launchpad can automatically access A+ Content Manager. Once eligible, you can include ASINs in the content listing. (Note that you can create an Amazon a+ content design for parent & child ASINs).

How to create A+ Content on Amazon?

To create Amazon content, you must first choose a professional selling plan & be certified as a brand owner by Amazon Brand Registry.

Below’s the step-by-step process for creating Amazon A+ content Design:

  1. Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account.

2. Go to the Advertising tab & click the A+ Content Manager option.

Amazon a + content design

3. On the A+ Content Manager page, find the ‘start creating A+ Content.’ After clicking on it, you’ll find templates – as shown below

a+ content manager

4. If you click the ‘Create Basic’ template, you’ll be redirected to a page wherein you need to select the templates for your design and enter the ASIN.

amazon a+ design
  1. If you click the ‘Create a Brand Story’ template, you’ll be redirected to a page wherein you can address your brand before designing the EBC by choosing the template. 

  2. Once you’ve selected the design, the layout, upload your Content, including images.


  3. Check the preview and click on the finish button.

How long does an A+ content review take?

The approval of A+ Content may need up to seven days.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Watch the progress of your Content in Seller Central.
  • Follow all the Amazon A+ design guidelines if you don’t want your listing to be rejected for claims against Amazon’s rules.
amazon a+ listing

Tips for Creating Effective Amazon A+ listing

  • Focus on your product’s USP.
  • Keep your Content short and clear.
  • Keep it visual and less textual.
  • Utilize your product reviews.
  • Avoid making content errors.
  • Pay attention to image size and resolution.
  • Review Content before submitting it for approval.
  • Check if your Content looks optimized for mobile.

Before working on Amazon a+ content design, it’s always a great idea to refer to Amazon’s A+ Content Guidelines. This will save you time & help ensure that you don’t violate any of Amazon’s terms.

End Note

Creating an A+ listing requires an upfront time investment, but that investment is worth the longevity of your brand and products. If you’re a brand owner registered on Amazon, you must take advantage of this unique feature. And if you’re new to selling products & want to create Amazon a+ content design but are confused about how to get started, then you can reach out to HRL Infotechs for a+ content design services and assistance. HRL offers top amazon a + content design services to help you hit your goals on top marketplaces.