7 Tips and Tricks To Boost Your Amazon Black Friday Sales 2023

Insider Intelligence forecasts a significant 9.3% growth in online sales, projected to hit a total volume of $1.14 trillion by the close of 2023. In the midst of this surge, your Amazon store stands to gain substantial momentum during the November holiday sales. Regardless of whether you’ve diligently prepared throughout the year or find yourself scrambling at the eleventh hour, we offer valuable insights and Black Friday tips for amazon sellers to optimize your Amazon shop. Our tips encompass strategic planning and promotion techniques tailored for various sales opportunities throughout the season, ensuring your Amazon store has the chance to conclude 2023 on a high note. Don’t miss the opportunity to make the most of the upcoming holiday sales and position your Amazon store for a successful year-end.

Does Amazon Do Black Friday?‍

Breaking from the usual 48-hour Black Friday event, Amazon is extending its official Black Friday promotion this year. The anticipated deals were set to kick off on Friday, November 17, and will persist through the Cyber Monday promotion until Monday, November 27. This elongated timeframe offers an expanded window for shoppers to seize exclusive discounts and promotions, making it a noteworthy departure from Amazon’s typical Black Friday schedule. Prepare for an extended period of exciting deals and savings, as Amazon aims to provide a more extensive and accessible shopping experience for customers during this holiday season.

How Long Does Black Friday Last on Amazon?

Despite the primary Black Friday promotion spanning over a week and stretching into Cyber Monday, Amazon vendors have the flexibility to execute promotional deals throughout the entire holiday season. Capitalizing on the heightened interest during the main event is crucial, but implementing these strategies can also maximize sales well into the year’s end. Don’t overlook the chance to attract shoppers seeking deals during the primary event, and utilize these tips to sustain and boost sales momentum throughout the extended holiday period. Here are a few black friday tips and tricks that can level up your sales this season: 

Tip 1: Optimize Your Store with Relevant Holiday Search Terms

If you haven’t updated your product titles and descriptions for the holidays yet, it’s time to get started. Amazon has rules about what you can and can’t say, like avoiding terms such as “new” or “on sale now” and subjective words like “best” or “amazing.” Following these rules is important to avoid issues with your account. However, you can still use popular keywords for the holidays. There are tools for this, but you can begin with free ones like the Google keyword planner to see what people are searching for. Make sure your terms are relevant to your products and be specific in your listings. Apart from using keywords, you can also make your holiday listings better by showing how your product makes a great holiday gift. Take a cue from this Amazon store that creates a festive mood in their product listing.

Tip 2: Ensure your Black Friday Deals are Prime-eligible

For your products to be featured as Black Friday deals, they need to meet certain requirements for Prime Exclusive Discounts. Let’s break it down:

Product Conditions and Type:

  • Make sure your products are brand new.
  • Avoid listing items that are restricted or considered inappropriate.
  • Your product listing should either have no rating or a minimum three-star rating.
  • Ensure that your products qualify for Prime shipping in all regions within the country.


  • Set Prime Exclusive Discount prices to be 5% lower than the reference price.
  • The promotional price should be at least 10% off the regular price for non-members.
  • Make sure the discount is lower than any price your product has been sold at in the past 30 days.
  • Follow Amazon’s rules for customer product reviews and pricing.
  • Seller-Fulfilled Requirements:
  • Provide free shipping.
  • Maintain good metrics, like an account late dispatch rate below 4%, an order defect rate below 1%, and a pre-fulfillment cancellation rate below 0.5% for the previous month.
  • Set the disbursement reserve policy to seven days or more after delivery.

Tip 3: Sprinkle Black Friday Deals Throughout November

For Amazon sellers, it’s crucial not to miss the extra promotional boost of Amazon’s Black Friday event. It is important to remember that the deals are not just limited to just the D day, they last throughout the holiday season. You would have already started promoting your products, you should keep reaching out to them till the end of the year so that they come around and check the holiday deals. 

To grab the interest of the shoppers, you can give them incentives such as providing them with free shipping and making the product descriptions that highlight your items for the holiday festive season. This way you get noticed and the customers would follow you and come for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  

Even after you’re done with the promotions, you should still update them with special offers and descriptions, as it can turn out to be last-minute gift ideas for them. You need to think like your customers, what would they want and you can develop promotions and create deals that stand out and keep them coming for your products. 

Tip 4: Use Social Media to Promote Your Store’s Deals

Throughout the holiday season, the best way to stay connected to your existing and new customers is to promote yourselves on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat and all the websites that you can fathom. Use hashtags that standout and relate with the holiday shopping season, for instance, BlackFridayDiscount, CrazyCyberMonday etc. Keep in mind that hashtags for Black Friday and Cyber Monday often exceed over 10 million posts,so you need to opt for the hashtags that are below 10,000 posts and those which align with your product. 

To bring more traffic to your Amazon store, you should be posting one post everyday before the sales start. As soon as you have the people’s attention during these big events, continue sharing updates about the ongoing holiday promotions to stay visible. This consistent online presence will help make your brand more visible during the festive season.

Tip 5: Add some holiday images to your Amazon storefront

In the festive season, the key is to infuse a holiday atmosphere into your Amazon store for shoppers. While replicating the precise ambiance of a physical store online is challenging, incorporating subtle seasonal elements can significantly enhance the appeal of your store. 

There’s no need for a complete store overhaul; just implement a few straightforward modifications. This advice holds true whether you’re conducting special promotions or not, and it can also increase the allure of your regular products for holiday shoppers.

Tip 6: Use analytics to Target the Best Days to Offer Black Friday deals

Utilize the resources provided by Amazon for your store, such as seller analytics, to track product trends. Analyzing past holiday season sales can offer valuable insights.

Apply this information to generate fresh product ideas and promotions for the upcoming 2023 holiday season. If you require additional assistance beyond Amazon’s basic tools, the amazon account management services at HRL, is ready to support you in optimizing your data for enhanced sales growth.

Tip 7: Provide Free Returns and Expedited Delivery for Holiday Deals in November and December

The holiday season can be hectic for everyone. To ease the concerns and encourage confident purchases, you can consider offering free returns and swift delivery options. This ensures customers can make informed decisions without the worry of late-night purchases or duplications.

This reassurance becomes even more important as the final days of holiday shopping approach, and people stress about gifts arriving on time. Keep in mind that the holidays also mean a lot of travel. Customers aim not only to meet holiday deadlines but also to ensure their purchases arrive before they embark on family visits.

There’s no universal solution for the ideal holiday sales strategy. Just as effectively managing your Amazon FBA business requires consistent effort and strategic planning, success is achieved through dedicated work and thoughtful strategies.

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