Conventional Methods for Amazon Listing Optimization 2022


Amazon Product Detail Pages are the pages buyers see when searching for items on Amazon. It is where a customer discovers any Amazon product. Detail pages are an eternal part of the Amazon catalog, and sellers can create listings for these products on Amazon. The seller must register with a Professional Seller account to create a new Product Detail page.

Each product has its page with detailed product information that includes:-

  • Title
  • Images
  • Bullet points
  • Description
  • Product variations (such as size or color)
  • Customer reviews

Have you ever considered why some products consistently pop up in Amazon searches while others hardly get noticed? Or how do a few product listings maintain getting clicks and have a high sales rate while others don’t?

The mystery revolves around Optimization.

Finding the right product to sell on Amazon is key to success on the site. But even if you’re selling the perfect, high-demand product, an optimized listing will be saleable and glide your business to newer heights.

Amazon Listing Optimization


Amazon Product Listing Optimization is the process of optimizing your listings to inflate conversion. It is one of the most crucial strategies to keep your product on top. It is also the key to a customized experience for buyers. Optimizing your product listing ensures compatibility across branding, messaging, reviews, and ratings while increasing visibility on Amazon’s Search Engine Results page.


Best Practices for Optimizing Product Detail Page

The E-commerce industry is seeing rapid growth, but many brands struggle to boost their e-commerce conversions. Most customers decide whether they want to buy your product or leave your store while they are on your product pages. So, brands need to create high-converting e-commerce product pages as your product detail page is the backbone of your e-commerce strategy. 




Few Basic Tips to Optimize Pages:


1.Examine Your E-commerce Product Pages

Run through a few minutes on your product page to analyze numerous elements and recognize the ones that call for work. If you fancy imparting a great experience to your buyers, it’s crucial that you’re thoroughly informed about the display page yourself.

2.Apply Compelling Product Photos

Don’t suppose content as simply text on a page. Graphics/photos play a significant role in engaging your target audience. Product photos help your customers create a first impression of your product. Contrary to retail stores, your customers can’t see, touch, feel, or try your products online. Therefore, you must display your product from multiple angles.

3.Lay Out Comprehensive Product Content

Apart from product images, a prominent e-commerce page should provide essential particulars about the product. It’s the content that briefs customers about the benefits and features of a product. It can persuade them to buy from you. Ensure you use a civil, engaging, and personal touch in your product descriptions.

4.Support Social Evidence to Escalate Reliability

Brand integrity across industries is shrinking, as consumers are losing faith in occasionally pompous claims many companies make about their products. That has led to the rising crucial communication scheme that is social proof. Buyers often refer to what previous buyers have to say about a product. It helps them analyze if it’s the product they’re looking for. Product reviews and ratings build trust, and that trust helps increase conversions.

5.Assign Your E-Commerce Product Page an Appealing Title

Giving your e-commerce product page a catchy and engaging title is crucial. The title is the foremost thing anyone visiting your product detail page will see. Best to make your title stand out. A precise title gives you a greater chance of the right shoppers clicking on your product.

6.Develop Your E-Commerce Product Page for Mobile

Mobile e-commerce or m-commerce is undoubtedly growing faster than e-commerce in general. Moreover, Google announced its mobile-first indexing update. Thus, if your e-commerce product pages aren’t mobile-friendly, you might lose traffic, sales, and revenue. This update has left you no choice but to optimize your site and product pages for mobile devices. 

Mobile-optimized product pages can help you:

  • Improve the overall experience of your customers
  • Help them buy from anywhere, anytime
  • Facilitate faster checkouts with digital wallets


Every product is unique, meaning every product page should be memorable. It takes a lot of time and marketing effort to drive targeted traffic to your e-commerce store. But that will be wasted if you don’t optimize your product pages to boost conversions.

The above points will help you provide a better shopping experience for your customers. Optimizing Product Detail Pages thus can help you increase conversions and make your dollars fly.

Best Practices to Create Amazon Sponsored Display Ads


To offer amazon sellers improved access to display inventory Amazon Sponsored Display Ads were launched in November 2019 by replacing Amazon Product Display Ads. Since then, these ads’ popularity among sellers has increased significantly.

Are you among those wondering whether amazon ads are worth it? Whether you can incorporate them in your marketing strategy to get better sales? The answer is yes! These ads effectively retarget buyers who visited your product but haven’t taken any action. When it comes to stats, it is observed that successful retargeting can surge traffic by 700%, increase CTR by 30%, and mitigate cart abandonment by about 6.5%.

After knowing how vital Amazon Display Ads are for your success on Amazon, are you looking forward to some best practices to create Amazon Sponsored Display ads? This blog will discuss the best practices you must adopt when creating or optimizing your ads.

Amazon Sponsored Display Best Practices

When it comes to Amazon PPC campaigns, and especially sponsored display campaigns, you cannot move ahead with the mentality that “forget it, ones set.” It requires continuous optimization and monitoring to get fruitful results. Here are some tips to get the most out of your Amazon Sponsored Display campaigns


Amazon display ads


1) Frequently optimizing bids

The first thing every seller should keep in mind is adjusting the bid from time to time to ensure the ACOS is maintained as per your target. To make informed bidding optimization, you can use the campaign metrics. 

For optimization, simply increase the target bid when the target value is greater than ACOS and decrease the target bid when the target value is smaller than ACOS.

2) Identifying new targeting opportunities

When you are working on Sponsored display ads, it is important that you continuously look for new targeting options. Harvesting targets from Sponsored product campaigns is one of the ways, but there are other ways also to identify ASINs that you can target with Amazon Sponsored Display Ad campaigns.

  • Go to your product detail page and check out the section “‘Products related to this item.
  • To find out the potential complementary ASINs for targeting, check out the section “Frequently bought together.
  • Go through the brand analytics dashboard in vendor and seller central to check the reposts for bundling and shopping behavior.

The strategy of targeting and testing out potential ASINs is great; however, you must not forget to retire products that are no more performing as per your expectation.

3) Updating advertised products

Continuously updating the products you advertise is equally important to researching and trying out new ad targets. So, the next question is how to identify a good product for advertising. A good advertising product should have the following characteristics.

  • Well maintained ACOS
  • Good profit margin
  • High sales volume

4) Refining the category

If you wish to go with category targeting, you can take the benefit from the “refinement option.” Here is how:

  • Rating: Targeting substitute items that have comparatively lower ratings than your product
  • Price: Targeting competitor’s products that are expensive compared to your product
  • Prime eligibility: Targeting non-prime eligible products
  • Brand: Targeting biggest competitors

5) Negative targeting

Negative targeting allows you to add negative targets to prevent those products or brands you do not wish to target through your ads. Here are the steps to add negative tagetes:

  • Go to the campaign manager and click on the campaign using “product targeting” as a targeting option.
  • Click on the ad group.
  • After this, a tab with “Negative targeting” will appear on the left-hand side. Click on this tab.
  • Choose your negative targets.

Points To Remember

  • Sellers can customize views remarketing ads with a headline or a custom brand logo.
  • Currently, no negative targeting is available for views remarketing campaigns.
  • Keep a check on the budget and ensure that the budget is enough to keep your campaign live throughout the day.
  • To get the potential impressions, it is essential to monitor those campaigns that often run out of daily budget.

The Bottom Line

If competing for a buy box and surging brand awareness are your targets, you can’t win the show without display ads on Amazon. Amazon Sponsored Display Ads is an efficient way to reclaim lost sales and improve your upper funnel by remarketing or marketing to targeted audiences. Hopefully, the practices mentioned above will help you to get through. Still, if you need help with Amazon advertising services, you can reach out to our proficient Amazon marketing agency experts.

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads Strategies to Increase Sales On Amazon

Seller on Amazon and searching for the powerful tool that can help you retarget visitors to your product listing? Well, Amazon Sponsored Display Ads is that powerful tool you have been searching for. It helps grow your business by engaging relevant audiences on and off Amazon. Amazon Sponsored Display Ads mainly support two targeting strategies: product targeting and audience targeting. These strategies work great and can complement one another depending on the business goal.

Let’s dig deeper into how Amazon Sponsored Display Ads services can help you hit your sales goals.

KPI-focused Strategies For Amazon Sponsored Display

Here are some KPI-focused strategies that you can use for sponsored display ads to target both product and audience.

1. Reaching Shoppers Outside Search

Many high intended customers prefer external search engines or browse on amazon by applying a filter rather than using a search page or search bar to find their purchase. In such a scenario, relying solely on search keywords can prove to be a setback. Here it is better to combine both product and keyword targeting to reach a specific shopper segment.

Amazon ads

If we go by data, it is seen that this tactic has shown a 47% increase in the impression and better engagement with high intended customers on amazon compared to just leveraging keyword targeting alone.

 2. Building a Detailed Page Strategy

Sponsored display product targeting gives you the advantage of reaching shoppers on:

  • Competitor’s detailed page
  • Your own detailed page
  • Detailed page in your category and also
  • Detailed pages outside your product category

Reaching audiences outside the product category is very helpful as it helps extend the reach on amazon and opens new opportunities to connect with a new set of audiences. Moreover, it helps in bringing these audiences to your category.

Three components of a detailed page strategy:

1) When it comes to Sponsored display, it is advised to target a detailed home page as it can surge CTR (Click Through Rate) by 41% compared to targeting other pages. It also helps to introduce potential customers to more products that a brand offers.

2) The next significant advantage of Amazon Sponsored Display Ads is they allow challenging brands to promote on famous detailed pages. These brands can also target complementary product detail pages or categories. This category targeting can help refine based on star rating, brand name, price etc.

3) As a brand, do you wish to reach new customers? If yes, then Amazon Sponsored Display Ads can prove to be a great way to get out of your aisle. With sponsored display, our Amazon marketing agency has enabled numerous brands to reach new customers that too, with good relevancy scores. Our entire model is based on detecting the relationships so that brands feel more empowered, offer a great shopping experience to customers, get out of their aisle and experience a surge in new-to-brand sales.

The Bottom Line

Ready to drive product awareness, expand your brand’s presence and boost sales? You can hire amazon sponsored ads expert who can handle everything on your part. HRL Infotech amazon advertising services can help you sail successfully and capitalize on the omnichannel functionality of the largest eCommerce platforms.