How to create Amazon A+ content design to enhance your product listings on Amazon

Consumer behavior is changing. They make shopping decisions based on what they see through your brand & how your product solves their needs. For instance, if you’re an apparel seller, a customer who lands on your product page would want to know what materials you use and whether you have designs & features like zippers. This is the information you offer them through product listings.

To assist global sellers in optimizing their sales with product listings, Amazon presents Amazon A+ content design as an effective tool. One of its helpful features is the ability to create A+ designs for product descriptions.

Analyses reveal that Amazon amazon a + content design services has helped increase the overall product sales by boosting impressions 3x. So you can imagine how brands with an Amazon product listing that doesn’t generate sales have been making them lose to competitors.

Let’s discuss the whole shebang around Amazon A+ design.

What is Amazon A+ content?

Amazon A+ Content is a special tool inside Amazon Seller central account. Formally known as Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), it allows brands to design appealing Amazon product descriptions for listing Content.

Through Amazon EBC,

  • You can dive into details with technological specs.
  • Add plus Content, including images, product setup & videos.
  • And run A/B tests to optimize for conversion.
  • A+ Content appears on Amazon in the product description section. This is only when you choose to replace the regular text product description.
Amazon a + content design

Is Amazon A+ content worth it?

  • Amazon says that adding plus Content to product descriptions boosts sales by an average of 10%.
  • Moreover, as customers love Content that’s easy to skim, adding images & videos to product listings attracts more users.
  • Amazon A+ listing further offers a better understanding of products virtually.
  • It makes your product stand out from competitors and helps you build your brand reputation.
  • Customer recognition of your brand protects your product from being counterfeit as buyers know you’re the rightful owner.
  • Content listing fetches greater traffic and higher conversion rates, thus bringing in better reviews for your product.

Enhanced brand content amazon aims at improving sales by enhancing product listing with scannable text; highlighting features through images. One can also add videos to their A+ Content. Creating plus Content benefits you from an Amazon SEO point of view.

Leveraging A+ Content can help your product appear in the SERP of Amazon, which indirectly improves your ranking and better conversation rates—ultimately leading to more sales!

Who Can Create Amazon A+ Content Design?

  1. Amazon enables A+ Content to its registered sellers. You can add about 15 ASINs each month for A+ Content listing (but only to items that are a part of your approved brand catalog).
  2. Amazon sellers participating under Amazon Exclusive programs or Launchpad can automatically access A+ Content Manager. Once eligible, you can include ASINs in the content listing. (Note that you can create an Amazon a+ content design for parent & child ASINs).

How to create A+ Content on Amazon?

To create Amazon content, you must first choose a professional selling plan & be certified as a brand owner by Amazon Brand Registry.

Below’s the step-by-step process for creating Amazon A+ content Design:

  1. Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account.

2. Go to the Advertising tab & click the A+ Content Manager option.

Amazon a + content design

3. On the A+ Content Manager page, find the ‘start creating A+ Content.’ After clicking on it, you’ll find templates – as shown below

a+ content manager

4. If you click the ‘Create Basic’ template, you’ll be redirected to a page wherein you need to select the templates for your design and enter the ASIN.

amazon a+ design
  1. If you click the ‘Create a Brand Story’ template, you’ll be redirected to a page wherein you can address your brand before designing the EBC by choosing the template. 

  2. Once you’ve selected the design, the layout, upload your Content, including images.


  3. Check the preview and click on the finish button.

How long does an A+ content review take?

The approval of A+ Content may need up to seven days.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Watch the progress of your Content in Seller Central.
  • Follow all the Amazon A+ design guidelines if you don’t want your listing to be rejected for claims against Amazon’s rules.
amazon a+ listing

Tips for Creating Effective Amazon A+ listing

  • Focus on your product’s USP.
  • Keep your Content short and clear.
  • Keep it visual and less textual.
  • Utilize your product reviews.
  • Avoid making content errors.
  • Pay attention to image size and resolution.
  • Review Content before submitting it for approval.
  • Check if your Content looks optimized for mobile.

Before working on Amazon a+ content design, it’s always a great idea to refer to Amazon’s A+ Content Guidelines. This will save you time & help ensure that you don’t violate any of Amazon’s terms.

End Note

Creating an A+ listing requires an upfront time investment, but that investment is worth the longevity of your brand and products. If you’re a brand owner registered on Amazon, you must take advantage of this unique feature. And if you’re new to selling products & want to create Amazon a+ content design but are confused about how to get started, then you can reach out to HRL Infotechs for a+ content design services and assistance. HRL offers top amazon a + content design services to help you hit your goals on top marketplaces. 

How Can Walmart Account Management Services Help You 3x Your Walmart Sales?

Uplift Your Sales by 3x with Walmart Account Management Services!

On almost any e-commerce site, there are countless strategies to boost sales. Furthermore, you are in the ideal place if you are prepared to sell on Walmart or are already doing so. Here is a quick question to get things started. Do you have a successful strategy supporting a rich customer experience in your Walmart shop while optimizing conversion rates?

Walmart is a growing market with more than 110 million unique visitors. It has given numerous vendors access to a Perfect Platform with a powerful conversion rate optimization method. Records show that Walmart has room to sell 11 million different things. This gives you enough reasons to seek ways not just to sell but increase sales on Walmart and reap the benefits.

The past year was essential in clearing the way for the development of the e-commerce market. The market’s emphasis on customer satisfaction and buyers’ changing expectations have led to improvements that will alter how you sell in 2022. Regarding Walmart store management, the change in consumer behavior resulted in several market developments. 

Few stats that prove the need for Walmart Account Management Services:

  • The US e-commerce market saw a 37% revenue gain during Walmart’s Q1 FY22.


  • Walmart earned $138.3 billion in the first quarter of 2021, which is $6.34 billion more than the prediction and handily topped Wall Street’s revenue and earnings per share projections, according to the company.


  • Walmart recently revealed its plans to allocate $14 billion in the fiscal year 2022 toward “capital improvements, including changes to the supply chain, enhanced automation, and other business areas that executives think will fuel long-term sales growth.

Reading this blog lets you learn about the evolving e-commerce market industry and the exciting things coming up in 2022. Examine the changes made to the Walmart Marketplace last year and learn everything you need to know to sell on Walmart in 2022.

How to Sell Your Products on Walmart?

Walmart account management services

You must finish a five-step application process to start selling on as an authorized third-party (3P) seller. These steps are mentioned below:

  1. Approval
  2. Contract
  3. Registration
  4. Onboarding
  5. Request Launch

Qualifications to Sell On the Walmart Marketplace.

The Walmart Marketplace has several minimal requirements for 3P sellers to ultimate ensure that they live up to Walmart store management’s standards in 3 crucial areas:

  • E-commerce experience
  • A fascinating products catalog that amplifies Walmart’s overall offerings
  • History that demonstrates a persistent commitment to delivering a pleasant client experience

Walmart Management Services Can Make Your Business.

If you are already running a business, you know how difficult and time-consuming it may be. There is always something that needs your attention, from inventory to order fulfillment. Therefore, whether you like it or not, you will eventually need to manage your brand’s activities to prevent losses.

However, it’s not like all sellers have the time to run their businesses full-time or the knowledge to use the Walmart marketplace, mainly if they are unfamiliar with this retail behemoth’s system. Consequently, it would be wise to look for Walmart account management services from knowledgeable persons or reputable firms if you feel ill-equipped to handle your business at Walmart. Looking for a reputable firm to manage your account? Experts at HRL Infotechs can help you attain your goals. 

With Walmart account management services, you can get support and direction for your brand in the following areas:

  • Product listing optimization
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Sponsored ads management
  • Product launch
  • Brand protection and assistance

Profits of Using Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS)?

Sellers can keep their inventory at fulfillment facilities run by Walmart, thanks to Walmart Fulfillment Services. The WFS team will pick, pack, and ship an order placed on on behalf of the seller. Walmart likewise handles orders placed through WFS regarding returns and customer service. The scale, reach, and efficiency that Walmart has worked so hard to perfect over the years are available to marketplace vendors that use WFS.

1. Ensure 2-day Delivery

Walmart is up to the challenge despite Amazon Prime’s establishing the benchmark for quick shipping. WFS enables retailers to provide 2-day shipping within the contiguous United States. 2-day shipping also aids in the prominence of your products in the Buy Box, which increases the number of customers who will view your listings.

2. Management of Inventory & Orders

Sellers may track orders, inventory levels, and shipments using real-time reporting dashboards provided by WFS. The Fulfillment Insights tab in Walmart Seller Central enables retailers to monitor important shipment information by the carrier, region, and shipping performance.

3. Consumer Assistance

Walmart handles all consumer requests for information, refunds, and returns using WFS. To maximize product visibility and boost conversion, participating items are shown with tags like 2 Day Delivery, Free & Easy Returns, and Fulfilled by Walmart.

4. Uncomplicated Pricing

A monthly storage fee and transportation costs based on weight or dimension make up the basic pricing structure of WFS.

How Do Walmart Account Management Services Work?

Walmart marketplace

It’s challenging to run an internet business, especially if you’ve only recently begun using a brand-new platform like Walmart. Even if you already have seller accounts on other platforms, you need to modify your tactics, learn the marketplace rules, and adjust to them. Because of these, managing other crucial activities to manage your business may make you feel overburdened.

Although being independent is admirable, there will be occasions when you need assistance from another person. It’s not because you are weak or incapable; working with professionals like account managers will help you flourish. You may avoid losses and opportunity expenses, which can be harmful to your organization, by utilizing their abilities and experiences.

The challenges you have with managing inventory, sales, returns, and refunds, as well as introducing new products under your brand, are often covered by online Walmart account management services. Additionally, an account manager might recommend traffic-boosting marketing techniques like Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Finally, they can assist you in registering your brand with Walmart to protect it against copycats.

What Advantages Do Account Managers Offer to Walmart Sellers?

Walmart account managers may help with various aspects of your online store, as was already discussed. This section will cover the advantages of using their services in greater detail.

1.Help in your Walmart Store Management to save time and money.

Because they believe it will be a time and financial waste, many sellers are hesitant to hire account managers for their company. Instead of trusting someone who might cause more harm than good, they would manage their firms independently.

Although customers have legitimate concerns, they should know that many trustworthy and capable account managers are available, provided they are diligent when selecting one. However, they can anticipate reaping the rewards of hiring them after they make the appropriate choice for their team.

These advantages ensure inventory, orders, and returns are checked and tracked to prevent losses and missed opportunities. Additionally, with their help, you’ll have more time for other crucial jobs and aspects of your organization, like product creation and research. Therefore, as you partner with them, you will make more money than lose it and may even scale your Walmart business.

2.Develop plans and strategies using the most recent market data and recommendations.

You might not always have the energy or time to absorb all the market rules and revisions that Walmart occasionally publishes. As a result, you could not alter your plans for campaign advertisements or product listing optimization. Even worse, your account could be suspended if you don’t go by the rules and standards.

Consider using account management services from reliable businesses to avoid having your account suspended or losing out on sales chances. They can immediately alert you to make adjustments and prevent blunders because they are regularly informed of market requirements.

To retain your exposure on, they will also develop new plans and strategies for your SEO and PPC depending on the recently revealed modifications.

3.They aid you in completing and submitting commitments.

Comprehensive account management services also give you the assistance you need to complete and submit the requirements for different seller programs, which is an advantage. Your account manager, for instance, will help you with the criteria to file and execute your application if you need to register your brand with Walmart.

Additionally, they may help you set up your account to use Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS). It would be advisable to let your account manager take care of it for you if you find it tedious to complete all of the required activities for this program.

4.Delivers professional advice to help you grow on Walmart Seller Central.

Employing an account manager gives your Walmart shop access to their support, but more crucially, their knowledge and experience. They can give you practical methods and best practices for scaling your business as they have collaborated with several Walmart and other online marketplace retailers.

Given that its customers can buy items on the Walmart marketplace at affordable prices, Walmart is renowned for its Everyday Low Prices (EDLP) approach. To draw in more customers, third-party vendors are strongly urged to use this tactic in their stores. 

For instance, a new Walmart vendor may initially find it difficult to set reasonable pricing for their goods. Due to their limited financial means, new Walmart sellers might not be willing to take that risk. The good news is that a Walmart account manager can assist you in determining the appropriate prices for your products without reducing your earnings. They are more than capable of boosting the sales of your products using marketing and listing optimization techniques.

In The End!

To summarize, one of the best things you can do for your brand is to use Walmart account management services. They are in charge of crucial operations for your company, like inventory control, marketing, new product launches, etc. Walmart store management is the need of the hour for all the Walmart Sellers. Reach out to HRL for availing Walmart Account Management Services

Gain better visibility in 2022 with Amazon Posts Management

Better brand discoverability with Amazon Posts Management

The capacity of a brand to present itself in front of its target audience in a meaningful way directly impacts sales and profit. We know about the tectonic impact that social media has made on customer experience and behaviour. It has primarily influenced buying habits, busing decisions, and buying experience of customers. To keep up with the pace of the digital world and keep shoppers engaged, the most popular marketplace Amazon launched its Instagram version. Yes, Amazon posts management.

Amazon posts management is a unique way to bridge the gap between straight eCommerce experience and social media marketing. Through these posts, brands can gain better visibility for their products. Wondering how? The article deals with everything you need to know about Amazon posts.

About Amazon Posts Management

Amazon posts provide brand-registered sellers an efficient tool to share product-related content and relevant lifestyle images through “feed,” which is more or less similar to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. With these posts, brands can redirect the visitors to the product detail pages with just a single click. 

amazon post strategy

Is Amazon Post a Great Idea for Your Business?

You can find numerous perks of incorporating Amazon posts in your amazon marketing strategy. However, there is still one question that is left unanswered. Is Amazon posts management an excellent idea for your business? 

Almost all brands can leverage the power of Amazon posts to reach their customer base. They just need to have the bandwidth to explore new opportunities. Along with this, there are some points that a brand should consider before diving into the amazon posts space is: 

1) They must have a good number of relevant social media content to repurpose and promote directly on Amazon. 

2) As Amazon post is a free platform and you compete with popular brands, it is better to take time and create high-quality lifestyle images. If followed correctly, Amazon posts management can be a perfect way to maximise brand value.

Why Should You Go with Amazon Posts?

You might think that platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and amazon release new features now and then. So, what is the advantage of investing in these new features? 

  • Amazon posts marketing services are free 
  • Help upsurge your product discoverability
  • Reduce buyer friction
  • Channel to reach a wider audience 
  • Shoppers can “follow” your band
  • Allows sellers to download performance metrics 
  • Help your brand stand out from the crowd 
amazon post marketing

How to Create Amazon Posts?

So, to start with amazon post creation, your band must be enrolled in Band Registry and have an active Amazon store. If you are eligible, here’s how you can get started with the Amazon posts management option: 

Once the buyers discover your feed and get the product of interest, they will click the post. As soon they click, they will be redirected to the product detailed page, where they can purchase. 

Where Do Your Customers Find Amazon Posts?

There are several spots where amazon posts appear depending on customer engagement and relevance. 

  • Product details page
  • Related product feed
  • Category feed
  • Brand feed

Tips to Achieve Better Results with Amazon Posts?

Now that you know how amazon posts can help your brand grow let’s focus on how to make them work for your business. Some of the effective tips are summarised below: 

1) Use high-resolution and high-quality images. Try to avoid overlaid buttons, icons, or text. It is found that shoppers usually ignore crowded images.  

2) The images should be attractive and compelling, showing the real-life usage of the product so that the customers can relate to them.   

3) You can raise customers’ pain points and highlight how your product can help overcome them in the caption. You can even explain the points that make your product unique. Don’t repeat the product description, and avoid using snippets from reviews. 

4) Amazon creatives and descriptions are slightly different from social media. Amazon is more about selling your product rather than sharing or conversation. So, not to copy-paste the same idea everywhere. Tailor the amazon posts management strategy concerning the amazon audience and their requirements. 

5) It is better to post a few strategic posts than random daily postings. You can post for special sales, product launches, holidays, etc. if you do not get much time to strategize things. 

amazon product detailed page

Track Success of Amazon Posts with Vital Metrics

Whether you are following the conventional techniques or creating strategies around some advanced features, what matters, in the end, is “results.” Amazon has incorporated “insights” that can help you track the performance of your amazon posts across the whole website. Here are some metrics that your can track: 

  • Total Engagement: It is the total clicks the amazon post has earned. 
  • Viewable Impressions: Measure of ad viewability that defines the number of times at least 50% of the post was shown on screen for 1 second or more.
  • Clicks: Check the downloadable reports- total clicks on brand feed, details page, related feed, to expand caption, to show the product. 
  • Engagement Rate: It is the engagement divided by impressions. 

Latest 2022 Features for Amazon Posts

  • Story-telling: The feature makes it easy for sellers to feature multiple products in the post and showcase the matched commodities or product variations. 
  • Scheduling: Sellers can plan things ahead of time and thus never miss on the beat and feel confident by using the scheduling posts option available in the latest version.
  • Downloadable reports: The features allow sellers to download reports, compare metrics and make the changes in strategy accordingly to reap better results. 

The Bottom Line

To sum up, one can say that Amazon’s attempt to incorporate social media into online retail looks promising. It is highly recommended to take a step ahead and use amazon posts management services to your advantage, as this will offer a new shopping experience to your audiences. Also, one cannot ignore that this amazon marketing service is free, so you must try it! Are you searching for assistance? HRL Infotech, an amazon advertising consultancy, can help you get through. 

Successful Walmart Advertising 2022- Everything you need to know

Walmart Advertising Strategies

Walmart is a significant player when it comes to advertising. The primary goals of an expanding business are to target more and more relevant customers and increase brand awareness. Increasing business organically is good, but in the long-term. For instant results, advertising plays a crucial role. In this blog, you get to know everything about Walmart advertising services and how to develop a successful e-commerce advertising strategy.

What makes Walmart the best e-commerce marketplace for advertising? receives more than 2 billion footfall each month, making it a wonderful place to start if you want to grow your business. 

In 2020, Walmart ranked second in net e-commerce sales, with sales revenue of approximately $40 billion. 

And according to Statista, Walmart in 2021 generated more than $555 billion in net sales globally. We can confidently state that now is the ideal time for your brand to sell on Walmart.

How Do You Start Selling on Walmart?

Walmart advertising strategy

Step 1: Send a Request

You must complete the Marketplace Application before your business can go live on, so gather the necessary paperwork first. You’ll require:

  • Your US company’s tax ID
  • The Department of Treasury’s W9 or W8 and EIN Verification Letter that confirms your US business address or location of physical operations.
  • How you intend to upload your portfolio (API, bulk, service provider)
  • Details regarding your products, such as the main category, the catalog size, etc.

Remember that once you begin an application, you must complete it because progress is not retained if you exit the browser tab. The application takes only 15 to 20 minutes to complete, and Walmart suggests choosing Google Chrome as the preferred browser.

Step 2 – Approval and Agreement

Walmart reviews applications in around two weeks. If you’re accepted, a Business Development Manager will get in touch with you to assist with the verification process before you sign the Retailer Agreement and start the onboarding process.

Step 3 – Registration

When you get approved as a Walmart seller and sign the Retailer Agreement, you will get an invitation mail to set up your account. The mail will direct you to the seller central account, where you can add your product and fulfillment details. But first of all, you’ll need the following things to create your account:

  • Company address
  • Bank account details
  • Business information, mandatory to complete the Form W-9

Choose a display name and provide the address you want Walmart to use for internal records. Complete the tax information before moving on to the payment processing area.

Keep in mind that Payoneer and Walmart have a partnership to process payments to vendors on the Walmart marketplace. Although you’ll begin the registration procedure for your Payoneer account in the Seller Center, you’ll finish it on Payoneer’s website.

You will then receive an email stating that your Payoneer account is ready to receive and withdraw money.

It’s time to add your products after providing the shipment information, your pricing structure, the shipping method, and the location. You can carry out this manually, in bulk, or by utilizing a third-party solution like Shopify.

How Does Walmart Advertising Campaigns Work?

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads called Sponsored Products are the primary form of advertising for Walmart vendors. You can advertise your products on Walmart’s search results page with this type of advertisement. You are up against other merchants who are bidding on the exact search. Only when a customer clicks on your ad will you be charged.

Search engine results pages, product detail pages, explore pages, topic pages, and category pages can all contain advertisements. With a maximum of six advertisements per page, search in-grid advertising can appear anywhere on the first three search results pages. Ads may show below the buy box in the buy box banner on the product detail page. The carousel advertisements can also display your commercials on product detail and category and explore pages where customers can navigate through related items.

The Growth Strategy for Your Business Must Include Walmart Advertising campaign

You must use Walmart Marketing Services if you are a Walmart seller and wish to expand your e-commerce customer base through a digital marketing approach.

Additionally, Walmart advertising can increase the number of people you reach in-store. Since 62% of Walmart customers believe that ads they see on the website or app positively influence their shopping decisions.

Analyze the impact of your performing marketing campaigns-

Walmart advertising services facilitates vendors to effortlessly: 

  1. Target the right customers.
  2. Calculate the effectiveness of their Walmart advertisements.

Walmart Marketing agency allows businesses to scale their client outreach and track the performance of their advertising across the purchasing process. Brands may use Walmart’s customer base to deliver the ideal sponsored ad to the ideal customer at the perfect time.

On its website, mobile apps, and physical stores, Walmart asserts that this new omnichannel advertising platform provides a closed-loop advertising strategy that can precisely gauge the success of your digital campaign.

Strengthens your organic marketing strategy-

Your long-term Walmart SEO efforts can benefit from the clicks and views that your Walmart advertising campaigns generate.

According to Walmart, spending money on Sponsored Products advertisements can improve organic ranking. Products become more relevant for the phrases you bid on and the user’s search terms when they receive views from your advertising. Additionally, new product listings can benefit from Sponsored Products advertising to gather information and improve visibility on the Walmart search engine results pages.

Make new and low-performing items more visible-

walmart marketing agency

Up to 100 million unique users visit each month. These users engage with the category pages, product detail pages, and search results page, which are all the central locations for Walmart-sponsored advertisements.

A Walmart advertising agency can increase sales of your products, particularly new items or underperforming SKUs. Your less-known products can be exposed to a larger audience across the site using effective, targeted advertising.