Amazon Attribution: A Detailed Guide To Increase Your Amazon Sale

As a web business owner, promoting your goods through a variety of avenues can assist you in reaching a broad audience and boosting your sales. Trying to keep track of your customer’s purchasing journey, on top of the other tasks you do for your company, can be challenging. 

If you employ Amazon as a component of your online marketplaces, Amazon Attribution makes it simple to track the success of your off-Amazon marketing endeavors. Also Amazon account management services include various services that aid in driving up the sales. The objective of this directory is to illustrate Amazon Attribution and discuss how it powers the investment return for your brand on Amazon.

What is Amazon Attribution?

Amazon Attribution is an unrestrained marketing tool that permits labeled sellers to assess the effectiveness of their external marketing initiatives. This application provides sellers with in-depth facts and analysis so that you can learn more about the non-Amazon advertising networks that are most influential for your company.

Companies can quickly assess the effectiveness and return on investment of advertising, internet, social, multimedia, and email campaigns using attribution tools. You’ll learn important information about how your buyers find, investigate, and buy your products on Amazon using that information.

How to Use Amazon Attribution?

Everyone who utilizes Funded Brands or Featured Products Ads understands how vital it is to keep checking in on ad campaigns to ensure they’re functioning effectively. However, businesses might not obtain the whole picture of your marketing initiatives. You depend on Amazon’s information to decide on keywords, bidding, and spending as a seller.

To avoid wasting money on Facebook or Google ads that may or may not be practical, having performance statistics for each of the initiatives you conduct from outside Amazon is essential. Before Attribution, it was incredibly challenging to monitor the success of an off-Amazon promotion.

You can profit from learning “how to use Amazon attribution”:

1. Quantify

Recognize which promotional platforms are most successful at generating interest in and purchases of your Amazon products. You would have immediately known where the remaining 100 consumers arrived from and the pathway they took to complete their purchases if you had had recourse to a technology like Amazon Attribution.

2. Maximize

Find out which demographic methods enhance the effectiveness of your promotion so that you can concentrate on the exterior advertising efforts that are effective and discontinue the others that are just not effective.

By eliminating moderate channels, you could have optimized your efforts for the upcoming months and saved significant money if you had access to attribution data.

how to use amazon attribution

3. Logical Planning

All the conversion statistics you require are available through attribution:

  • Percentage of clicks.
  • Appearances.
  • Views of detail pages.
  • The overall number of “Add to Carts” transactions attributable to every advertising channel.
  • Total revenue.

How to Implement Amazon Attribution?

Only professionally licensed, brand-registered third-party retailers or salespeople can now use Amazon Attribution, which is still in development.

Filling out a sign-up application or registering via Seller Central is the initial stage in starting up if you are among those sellers or suppliers. You can add additional products that match the marketing you want to scrutinize once you have established your Attribution profile.

Make an Attribution Tag

Similar to a Facebook or Google tracking pixel, the attribution tag is a tracking URL. The tag effectively “sticks” to a consumer’s whole product search path, beginning once they select your exterior ad and continuing after they visit your Amazon listing, where they might or might not make a purchase.

The tracking URL must now be pasted into your outbound marketing campaign as the final step. You would enter the Amazon Attribution link in the “URL Parameters” part of a Facebook advertisement, for instance. The tag will begin producing the information you require to decide on your adverts wisely, depending on consumer behavior.

Go to Amazon attribution after logging onto your Amazon advertising interface. Follow the steps:  

  1. To begin a new campaign, click the “create campaign” button. 
  2. Select a creation method. You can manually initiate a new campaign or automatically create plenty of tags.
  3. Select a name for your drive and a product if you manually begin a campaign.
  4. Make a renewed ad group. You should give your ad group a title select a publication (you own many choices here, like Facebook or Google Ads), a medium which specifies the sort of advertisements, such as a vide or presentation ad, and the target URL.
  5. At the upper right, select “Create.”
  6. Finally, your attribution tag is prepared. Use the Amazon attribution     link provided in the advertisements so that attribution can accurately  assess the effectiveness of your advertising.

You are now prepared to precisely measure your off-Amazon ad campaigns! To see your active Attribution projects, click “Return directly to campaigns list.”


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Why delay discovering valuable information about your clients’ purchasing patterns? Suppliers and brand-registered merchants on the North American and European Amazon platforms are free to use Amazon Attribution. Get your account registered to learn how to improve your outside marketing initiatives and increase conversion rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

q1. How does Amazon Attribution Help to Increase Sales?

Amazon Attribution helps vendors to specify the marketing campaigns that generate the best revenue and return on investment. Business owners can concentrate on their most lucrative channels after they have a complete image of what is and is not functioning.

Q2. How do I get Amazon Attribution?

Login after creating an account, and add the items you wish to track conversions. Create tags for all of your advertising techniques after that, and use them in your online ads, social ads, display advertising, video content, and campaigns for email marketing.

Q3. What is Amazon Attribution for Advertising?

Amazon Attribution is a freemium, self-service statistics and marketing measurement tool that offers advertisers information on the effects of their promotional campaigns on non-Amazon paid and unpaid channels, which lead to Amazon affiliate sites and Storefronts.

Q4. How Does Amazon Attribution Help Sellers?

Amazon Attribution,  is designed primarily to monitor how Amazon advertisements work on platforms other than Page views, purchases, and sales resulting from outside promotions are all tracked. Additionally, it draws in more visitors from sources other than Amazon advertising networks, such as Facebook ads.