What is Amazon Drop Shipping? Detailed Guide to Dropship in 2023

Amazon drop shipping is a popular concept. It is a solution that adds perks to your online store. Many aspiring entrepreneurs use this technique to market goods online without maintaining any stock. More than a quarter of online businesses use drop shipping as their primary method of order and execution.

What should you do if you want to start selling via Amazon but are reluctant to invest a great deal of effort or money? Join Drop shipping on Amazon! Prior How to start Amazon drop shipping? Assure you comprehend Amazon drop shipping policies thoroughly to avoid having your account shut down.

You need to adhere to these amazon drop shipping policy if you use a drop shipper to satisfy orders. If you need any help or have confusion about any point you can consult with experts offering the best amazon account management services

  • You should always be acknowledged as the supplier On all receipts, shipping slips, exterior packaging, and other documentation included with or delivered with the product. 
  • You are in charge of scheduling and collecting returns.
  • According to the seller agreement, you must abide by all of Amazon’s terms and conditions.

Avoid making purchases from other online merchants and having them deliver the goods to your customers. Amazon will suspend you for doing this.

For instance you put a tea maker available for purchase on Amazon, for instance. You buy the same product through Walmart.com after a customer buys it on Amazon, then you submit the client’s shipping details. The shipment that the Amazon client receives has Walmart identification marks on it.

What is Amazon Drop Shipping?

Amazon drop shipping is a method of finishing deliveries. Online sellers can engage a third party to buy, warehouse, and transport their products on their behalf. Typically, this third party is a supplier. 

How Does Amazon Drop Shipping Works ?

The same idea underlies classic drop shipping and Amazon drop shipping. You would merely use Amazon as a venue for selling.

You register for an Amazon seller account and add your products. On Amazon, you get orders completed from other merchants when you accept orders. 

  1. Amazon client to buy the item you’ve put there.
  2. Amazon sellers acquire the product straight from the suppliers who then provide the clients data once the transaction is over and payment has been received.
  3. The distributor then delivers the product to the client after gathering the buyer’s information.

Amazon Drop Shipping: Important Players

Let’s examine some prominent participants and their roles in drop shipping on amazon.

The official supplier

As a seller of record (SoR), you are designated as selling the goods to the end user. The supplier owns the goods before dispatching them to the consumer, determines the selling price, reports the transaction as revenue, and pays the applicable sales tax. It is a supplier where the drop shipping process begins.


A factory manufactures the products and sells them to distributors and retailers. Some producers might provide drop shipping services.


Typically, wholesalers buy products from producers and resell them to retailers at a slight profit. They serve as middlemen; ordinarily, they don’t sell to customers directly, but they could provide drop-shipping services to merchants.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Drop Shipping? Is Drop Shipping Profitable?

drop shipping is advantageous for sellers. It’s a logical business plan without the significant costs that a distributor would typically incur.

Drop Shipping may have the following benefits and drawbacks:


  • Aloft expenses: Drop shipping may lower the costs of maintaining a storage system or delivering items to customers.
  • Initiating costs: Businesses who wish to start a business with no financial burden can use drop shipping as they don’t have to buy any equipment.
  • Scalability: Using suppliers can enable the acceptance of more orders.
  • Cross-selling: While advertising your business on social media, your webpage, or a retailer like Amazon, you can use drop shipping.


  • Competitiveness: Due to its cheap startup costs and financial requirements, drop shipping is extremely competitive and lucrative.
  • Level of quality: Drop shipping decreases your participation in the order cycle as you have the least power over the product grade and guarantee that you sell.
  • Inventory control: It might not be feasible to receive real-time updates on what is in stock. When customers find out that the items are no longer available for sale, they can be inhibited from putting additional orders.
  • Completion timeline: A drop shipping provider manages completion. You do not influence order picking, wrapping, or delivery.

Primary Drop Shipping Software’s

The best primary drop shipping software’s are:

  • Inventory Source.
  • Wholesale2b.
  • Dropified.
  • SaleFreaks.
  • Spocket.

Pros and Cons of Running Your own Drop Shipping Business 

It’s easy to launch a drop shipping business. You establish your website, choose a reliable dropshipping supplier, and start selling.


  • With internet connectivity, you may run your business from anywhere.
  • You can sell several things you desire without any concern about the expense or space required to store inventory.
  • If any product is not sold, you need not be concerned about the unsold inventory.
  • You won’t have to manage your products or services.  You’ll have more time to expand and improve your company.


  • Drop shipping associates undertake the labor-intensive work for you. Thus they demand a substantial share of your earnings.
  • Ensure you’re dealing with a trusted and dependable person at all times.
  • Order rejections or unexpected delivery delays can result from the tiniest communication breakdown with your drop shipping supplier.

Increase your Online Business Sales with HRL

One of the best strategies for boosting online product sales is drop shipping. Taking advantage of HRL InfoTech’s,  the best ecommerce marketing agency, you may sell your collection to a wide range of businesses worldwide rather than relying on your e-commerce platform. As more sellers become aware of the advantages, the market becomes more competitive. A worthwhile endeavor is drop shipping with HRL Infotech. You need to take care of the chores on your end, such as creating a fruitful Amazon listing, amazon listing optimization, advertising the product, and acquiring customer reviews. This comprehensive amazon drop shipping guide will help you with all your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Drop shipping Legal?

Indeed, dropshipping is permitted! The dropshipping model can only be used in certain situations, as numerous restrictions and legislation are in place. Research the legislation in your state to ensure that your eCommerce business is legal.
1 Get a business license.
2 Publish Your Taxes.
3 Purchase business insurance.
4 Don’t violate copyrights.

Q2. What’s The Difference Between Dropship Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Retailers?

Yes, once you begin to make revenue, you will need to establish your firm. Still, until you make a good customer base, there is no hurry to register because many payment processors need documentation of your company’s credentials.

q3. Do Drop shipping Companies Ship Internationally?

The best approach to reach a worldwide audience without actually expanding your brand overseas is through worldwide dropshipping. Services or goods that don’t sell well here might be tremendous in another nation, but first you’ll need to get comfortable with dropshipping.

What is Ecommerce? A Complete Blueprint For a Profitable Ecommerce Business

What is Ecommerce Mean?

What is e-commerce mean? It is essential to comprehend before starting an online store. E-commerce refers to the exchange of products and services over the internet. Startups, well-established businesses, and international firms may all promote their products internationally because of e-commerce. While some firms use their websites to sell products, many use them as a marketing means as part of a much larger company strategy that typically includes storefronts and other income streams.

Ecommerce Business History

The first significant eCommerce business was formed in 1969 by Jeffrey Wilkins and Dr. John R. Goltz, and its name was CompuServe. This business got established using a dial-up connection. After the internet was made commercially accessible in 1991, eCommerce fully explored its potential.

History of E-commerce in Different Periods

1969: CompuServe was the first e-commerce company to launch.

1979: Michael Aldrich pioneered electronic commerce, allowing for secure data transmission.

1982: Launch of the Boston Computer Exchange, the first online   computer marketplace.

1994: Marc Andreessen and Jim Clark.co-created Netscape Navigator which is a web browser.

1995: Launch of Amazon and eBay.

1998: PayPal made its debut as an e-commerce payment system.

1999: Alibaba began with more than $25 million in funding.
2000: Google introduced Google Ad Words for internet marketing.

Important Business Statics of E Commerce One Need to Know

In recent years, the expansion of the eCommerce industry has been phenomenal, with the clothes and beauty sectors experiencing consistent double-digit growth. Going worldwide to succeed today is a requirement, not a strategy.

  • Over 2.14 billion individuals are anticipated to purchase online in 2021. (Statista.com)
  • By 2023, eCommerce will represent about 22% of all retail sales worldwide.
  • In North America, e-commerce makes up around 8.1% of all retail sales.

What is the Importance of Ecommerce Business?

The e-commerce platform is currently significantly altering the traditional purchasing experience. Customers, businesses, and nations are now connected for business, education, pleasure, and work e-commerce is now a common platform. The significance of e-commerce is discussed below. 

  • E-commerce makes it easier to monitor costs.
  • It aids in brand expansion.
  • Variety of Products.
  • Draw in new clients.
  • Improved marketing possibilities.
  • Reduces business risk.

What are The Advantages of Ecommerce?

Online sales provide several essential benefits. The top advantages of e-commerce are:

  • Expanding quickly: Global revenue from e-commerce was close to $2.9 trillion in 2020, and Statista projects that figure will increase to roughly $4.2 trillion by 2025. By 2025, that global revenue is anticipated to increase by 8% annually.
  • Easy online ordering: It is made possible by the various forms of e-commerce, which allow clients to easily browse possibilities and purchase items from everywhere.Amazon Pay and other money transfer solutions have significantly streamlined the purchase process.
  • Offers worldwide marketing reach: In the past, a company’s potential customer base was only as large as the number of people who could physically enter through its front doors.The growth of social media and increased online activity have made it easier for owners of e-commerce businesses to access a diverse range of new clients.
  • Reduced operating costs: With the aid of website construction tools and services, you may rapidly launch your online store on social media or at an online retailer like Amazon. Compared to maintaining a conventional brick-and-mortar store, it is less expensive.
  • Provides access to consumers directly: E-commerce companies can communicate directly with their target market thanks to the internet. You don’t necessarily need to invest in a giant billboard or television ad campaign to get your audience’s attention.

What are the Major E Commerce Business Models in 2023?

Before choosing the best e-commerce model for your company, you must identify two things. You must decide who you will sell to before considering how to present your offer. In 2023, the key e-commerce business models are:

  • Business-to-business (B2B)
  • Business-to-consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer-to-consumer (C2C)
  • Consumer-to-business (C2B)
  • Business-to-administration (B2A)
  • Consumer-to-administration (C2A)
  • Mobile e-commerce

What Factors Make an Ecommerce Business Successful?

1 Brand Name

  • Make a catchy brand name.
  • Make sure your brand remains constant.
  • Don’t alter your domain name.

2 Layout of the Store:

  • Design a user-friendly interface.
  • Transparency in information.

3 Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

  • Use relevant keywords.
  • Use relevant keywords.

4 Multiple-Channel Advertising:

  • Promote on social media.
  • Email marketing. 
  • Content marketing.

5 Customized Shopping Experience:

  • Customer satisfaction is essential.
  • Make the customer’s task easy.
  • Offer discounts and deals.

6 Multiple Payment Methods: 

  • Give offline payment options.
  • Provide third-party payment.
  • Online payment.

7 Simple Check-Out Procedure:

  • Add buttons for saving lists.
  • Checkout on a single page.

8 Customer Care: 

  • Offer customer care.
  • Obtain feedback frequently.
  • Respond to all questions from customers.

Start Selling on Ecommerce Today

In a word, using an e-commerce website or store to sell online is a fairly easy, quick, cheap, and risk-free process. If you’re thinking of starting an online store, contact HRL Infotechs. We are here to increase your sales so you may have a strong robust online presence.  Every individual has a chance in the online market to succeed with their e-commerce firm. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Is Ecommerce is Safe? 

Websites use encryption to safeguard sensitive and private data. For e-commerce websites, a TLS/SSL Certificate is a prerequisite. Web browsers also warn that a website is secure if it has a TLS certificate

q2 What is Ecommerce Platform?

The content management system (CMS) and commerce engine that websites employ to manage purchases, catalogued products, and user relationships with online retailers is known as an e-commerce platform.
Some popular e-commerce platforms are Squarespace, Square Online, Best for Omnichannel Selling, Ecwid, Shift4 Shop, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, BigCommerce.

q3 What is Ecommerce Advertising?

E-commerce advertising is a technique for raising awareness of an online store to increase website traffic and new customer acquisition through sponsored placements on third-party platforms.“What is e-commerce Advertising?” Is an important question to consider.

Q4 What Time People Shop the Most Online?

The same study reveals that 12 P.M. and 1 P.M. are the most popular shopping hours in the US. On Mondays and Thursdays, with the peak hour being between 8 P.M. and 9 P.M. everyday customers are inclined to make an online purchase. 

q5 What is Ecommerce Site?

The straightforward answer to your query, “What is an e-commerce site,” is that e-commerce sites enable customers and businesses to purchase and sell to one another on a specific platform, much like a conventional physical retail store. 

Walmart vs. Amazon: Important Differences Sellers Need To Know!

Selling on Walmart vs Amazon has some important differences that sellers need to know if they wish to explore both platforms to boost their sales. If you have previously sold on Amazon or any other marketplace, moving to Walmart Marketplace  will not be difficult as the basic selling rules apply here as well. But knowing the differences between selling on Walmart vs Amazon (even for experienced sellers) is a great way to maximize your potential.

Differences Between Selling on Walmart Vs Amazon

Difference #1: Seller Competition

With intelligent merchants establishing themselves in the marketplace, Amazon has developed into a highly competitive market over time. Experienced Amazon sellers use a variety of tactics to boost their rankings and generate a lot of sales. Walmart’s level of competition is still not as intense as it was for Amazon six or seven years ago. Even in highly competitive niches, ranking is significantly simpler, and the PPC cost is substantially lower. 

Difference #2: Traffic Per Month

Walmart gets around 120 million unique visitors, while Amazon gets around 200 million in a month. Comparing the traffic on both the marketplaces, there’s a difference, but the difference isn’t quite huge. Aside from the lower unique monthly visits, Walmart hosts fewer sellers (1 million sellers vs 1.9 million sellers on Amazon). This also brings you a greater potential to attract more eyes to your product listings with Walmart.

Difference #3: SEO and Ranking

While there are some significant distinctions, ranking and SEO are relatively similar. Both marketplaces offer the option of ranking products depending on conversion rates. However, Walmart lays a bigger emphasis on content and their listing quality score rating, while Amazon places a greater emphasis on SEO. Content, shipping efficiency, cost, and customer reviews are all factored into the listing quality score. 

A product will be guaranteed to rank well with a high listing quality score and conversion rate. For your listing quality score, a mark of 80% or more is advised to rank on Walmart. Because Amazon emphasizes SEO more, you will frequently see keyword stuffing in the listing’s title, bullets, and description.

Difference #4: Fees

Sellers on Amazon must pay a monthly charge of $39.99 to sell on the marketplace. Walmart does not levy a monthly fee on its vendors, though. 

Only once items are sold will Walmart merchants receive referral payments. Similar to fulfillment fees, referral fees might change depending on the product. 

Similarities Between Selling on Walmart vs Amazon

Similarity #1: Fulfillment services & Guaranteed 2-Day Free Shipping

The first similarity between Walmart and Amazon is that they offer fulfillment services. This allows sellers to either fulfill their orders themselves or through fulfillment centers. The only difference is Walmart lets sellers ship their inventory to Walmart’s fulfillment centers from America, while Amazon lets sellers ship their inventory to FBA from other nations.

Customers having Walmart membership can receive their product either the next day or within 2-days for free, just like Amazon’s prime membership. Walmart and Amazon also offer free shipping to customers if their order meets a minimum of $35 on Walmart and $25 on Amazon.

Similarity #2: Listing Optimization

As an Amazon seller, you must know how crucial it is to have an optimized listing. An optimized listing helps your product get discovered in the search and get it in front of the customers. This even helps with minimizing the returns.

Your product won’t rank without keywords or excellent infographics on both Walmart and Amazon. They are indeed different marketplaces, but the optimization rule applies to both. So it’s important to enhance your listings with more photos, relevant information, and selling points so that customers add your products to their cart.

Similarity #3: Existing Traffic 

Another great similarity between Walmart and Amazon you should know about is they both have existing traffic. Walmart gets around 120 million unique visitors, while Amazon gets around 200 million in a month. This means that sellers have a great opportunity to cash in on Walmart and Amazon by targeting organic ranking or adopting pay-per-click advertising.

Similarity #4: Customer-Centric Focus

Walmart and Amazon work on the principle of customer-centric focus. This is because both these marketplaces want happy customers and receive high-quality products at low cost and with free shipping, so they have reduced return rates. 

To ensure third-party sellers ship the highest quality service to customers, sellers are also flagged and suspended from these platforms.

Amazon or Walmart? Or Both? 

The popularity of Amazon and Walmart Marketplace, in particular, will continue to soar in 2022 and beyond. Holding a presence in at least one of these booming markets can be a great way to cash in for internet business owners.

Amazon is beginner-friendly compared to Walmart, but both offer the incredible opportunity to reach millions of customers. As there’s this piece of advice, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, we recommend selling on both marketplaces to increase sales. Need help growing your business on Amazon or Walmart? HRL InfoTech’s is the best ecommerce marketing agency that can help you escalate your sales and grab massive profit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

q1. Who owns Amazon?

Jeff Bezos is the person who owns Amazon. His ownership share as of 2022 exceeds $130 billion.

q2. Who owns Walmart?

Walmart is owned by The Walton Family. Walmart is a company that is traded publicly. However, the Walton family owns more than 50% of Walmart through Walton Enterprises, its holding company, and individual family member holdings.

Q3. Which platform is number one, Walmart vs Amazon?

Amazon out profits Walmart in terms of revenue

With over 9 million sellers & 1.5 million active merchants on its marketplace, Amazon leads the e-commerce industry. Third-party vendors make up more than 82% of these sellers.

How to Sell on Walmart Marketplace Successfully in 2023: Complete Guide

Everything You must Know on How to Sell on Walmart Marketplace in 2023

Walmart’s response to Amazon FBA, Walmart Fulfillment Services, is upending the e-commerce sector (WFS). At least 45% of Amazon FBA sellers anticipate Walmart’s online operations to be a fierce competitor for Amazon in 2022, and 31% plan to start WFS enterprises in that year. WFS allows vendors to ship their products to Walmart’s fulfillment centers, where Walmart will take care of all of the storage, picking, packing, and shipping — as well as customer service — just like how Amazon FBA does.

How to Sell Using Walmart Fulfillment Services?

The advantages of using WFS are apparent, but how do you set up your Walmart account? You must confirm your eligibility in your Seller Center account if you sell on Walmart’s marketplace.com. You can apply and complete the Walmart Fulfillment Services Interest Form if you are not a current seller. 

This image shows the different walmart  benefits of  service fullfilment

Creating an account with Walmart Fulfillment Services is more complex than creating an Amazon selling account. You can register with Walmart as either an individual or a business. However, your company must be registered and have a U.S. Business Tax ID to sell on Walmart website (SSN will not be accepted). To broaden its selection of products, Walmart is looking for reliable partners who provide genuine, high-quality goods. Whether you use WFS, they will only allow people to sell on their Marketplace.

Requirements to Use Walmart Fulfillment Services

If your items fulfill the requirements listed below, they will fit WFS admirably.

  • Ability to deliver to Walmart fulfillment centers in the contiguous United States
  • There are no regulated or perishable items.
  • 150 lb is the maximum product weight.
  • 108′′ is the maximum product length.
  • 165′′ is the maximum product length plus girth.

How to Optimize Your Listings on Walmart Marketplace?

  • Write a clear, concise product name
  • Use HD images and rich media
  • Highlight your distinctive features
  • Add keywords to your product description
  • Allow two-day delivery
  • Price your products affordably.
  • Improve the efficiency of your inventory
  • Monitor your KPIs & ensure excellent customer service

5 Ways Walmart Fulfillment Services Can Benefit Your Business

Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS), an end-to-end fulfillment service at Walmart Marketplace, uses one of the most significant supply networks in the world. On Walmart.com, WFS can aid sellers in expanding and scaling their operations. More information about how WFS can improve your eCommerce business is provided below.

  1. Two-Day Delivery to Please Your Customers

When you use WFS to complete your order fulfillment as a Marketplace seller, you may give all qualified customers free 2-day shipping within the mainland United States. Additionally, eligible products will be given badges for “2-day shipping” or “Fulfilled by Walmart.” Not only are these tags and advantages eye-catching, but they also support merchants’ performance in crucial areas. 

  1. Provides Comfort & Assistance

Fast shipping is just the beginning of the ease of selling on Walmart website. Their Free & Easy Returns program covers the majority of Marketplace orders. This indicates that both in-person and online returns are simple for your clients. By handling all returns, replacement handling, and customer support concerns, WFS contributes to improving the post-purchase customer experience. This enables our Marketplace merchants to prioritize expanding their businesses while lowering operating costs.

  1. Win Recurring & Loyal Buyers

You can access various tools and solutions designed specifically to assist you when you sell on Walmart website (Walmart.com). Walmart’s first-party data show that marketplace merchants already benefit from a committed customer base, with 89% of Americans purchasing at Walmart in the most recent year. This degree of brand identification increases the likelihood that customers will return. It enables sellers to contribute to lowering customer acquisition costs.

When you store and ship with WFS, you may go one step further and contribute to realizing your potential. Once signed up, your products are automatically enrolled in the Walmart+ “free delivery” subscription program, which supports vendors in maintaining consumer loyalty and raising Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

  1. You Can Concentrate on Your Sales

WFS can assist you with the customer-facing aspect of your Marketplace business, but it also makes backend operations more efficient. When you sign up for WFS, Walmart will choose, pack, and ship the product(s) that customers have ordered on your behalf. Their top-notch supply chain gives sellers the peace of mind that orders will be processed correctly and delivered on schedule. WFS also takes care of returns and customer service, allowing you to concentrate on selling.

Walmart Marketplace sellers may scale more quickly because of the simplicity integrated into WFS. WFS consistently innovates and provides Marketplace vendors with fresh offerings to help them streamline operations. For instance, our brand-new WFS Prep Services service enables WFS-enrolled vendors to contract with WFS for a modest charge to handle inventory preparation tasks like item labeling.

  1. Save Money with Simplified Pricing System

Lastly, WFS is created to be a complete, affordable solution for Marketplace vendors. We promise no signup or monthly fees, and our straightforward price structure makes this feasible.Use our calculator to estimate the cost of storing your products and completing orders using WFS if you’re wondering what WFS costs would look like for your company.

The WFS Preferred Carrier Program, which provides decreased inbounding rates for small FedEx packages and less-than-truckload (LTL) deliveries, is one benefit available to sellers who have signed up for the WFS program.

Is Walmart Marketplace Worthy of Selling Your Products?

The quick response is yes. You should sell everywhere if your company has adequate inventory to support different sales channels. Not to mention, Walmart’s online business continues to expand year over year with no indications of slowing. The moment is now to grow your company on Walmart marketplace.

In addition, Walmart.com has fewer vendors and a less active first-party retail strategy than Amazon.com, despite having fewer monthly visitors. This is fantastic news for its sellers and even additional reason to grow your company on its platform. Additionally, by utilizing Walmart’s fulfillment facilities and knowledge, your e-commerce business will grow quicker than you ever thought possible. HRL Infotechs partners with some of the best in the business to bring you the most up-to-date solutions and strategies as a leading e-commerce agency. Walmart sellers can contact us for assistance from experienced professionals worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sell on Walmart:

Q1 Is it hard to sell on Walmart?

Yes, selling to Walmart is challenging. Being the largest retailer in the world allows them to be quite picky when choosing their suppliers. Whether we are talking about food, clothing, or toys, having a product at Walmart stores will probably make them top-selling goods.

Q2 How do I get approved to sell at Walmart?

Only a few sellers can get a place to sell on Walmart website due to their curated nature, strict rules, and regulations. However, several pointers can streamline the application procedure and increase your chances of approval.

1 Ensure having a history of e-commerce success. 
2 Avoid listing products that violate Walmart Marketplace’s Prohibited Products Policy. (Hazardous materials, alcohol, certain types of food, offensive products, and more). 
3 You’ll save time later by giving as much information as possible upfront about your company.
4 Act quickly to avoid delays in the approval process if you need to exchange information with Walmart Marketplace to fill in any gaps in your application.

q3 How much does it cost to sell on Walmart?

To sell on Walmart’s Marketplace, there is no account subscription charge. However, you will be charged a referral fee that, depending on the category, might be between 6% and 20% of the selling price of your goods. To accomplish this, Walmart “strives to apply the most accurate referral fee rates to the items you sell” and will make ongoing improvements.

Q4 How do I add and manage my listings and promote my items?

 Follow these 6 steps to manage and promote your product listings on Walmart Marketplace:

1. Become a Walmart Marketplace seller 
2. Launch your product catalog 
3. Request advertising access 
4. Attend Walmart advertising webinar 
5. Login to the Walmart ad platform 
6. Launch your ad campaign

What’re the Advanced Amazon PPC Strategies For Amazon Sellers? 

6 out of 10 Amazon sellers struggle with their Amazon Sponsored Campaigns. Creating and launching PPC campaigns is easy, but the trick is to optimize them with each iteration for enhanced performance in the online marketplace. And this is where sellers end up making serious mistakes. Adopting the best Amazon PPC strategies has numerous advantages:

  • It helps you keep the shoppers within your brand.
  • You get better exposure for your listings.
  • You can push your less-performing/newly launched products through your top-performing listings.
  • You get to present your entire range of products to shoppers.

Even with great product listings, you must build solid Amazon PPC strategies to make your ad campaigns stand out. With this in mind, we have listed the best strategies to help you drive sales to your listings. 

Best Amazon PPC Strategies For 2023

Strategy 1: Benefit from Match Type Keywords

Keyword match may seem daunting if you have never been into search advertising. We now discuss how the keyword match type works on Amazon.

Broad, phrase and exact are the three match types for keywords. They determine for what phrases your Amazon ads will be shown. 

  • Broad match displays your ad when a shopper types in the exact keyword. 
  • Phrase match type displays your ad when the shopper includes the whole of your target keyword. 
  • Finally, the exact match displays your ad when shoppers type in the exact keywords you bid on. 

In addition to these, you can also add what we call ‘negative keywords.’ These are the terms you wouldn’t want your ad to be displayed for, even if they’re related. Say you have a match-type keyword of ‘black t-shirt,’ but you want it not to be displayed for ‘women’s black t-shirt’; you can use that as one negative keyword. 

This image shows the different keyword match types which are helpful in amazon ppc strategies

(Remember: Negative keywords can only be phrase/exact match keywords. One can’t set a broad match type as a negative keyword.)

Strategy 2: Adjust Bids on Placements

Amazon has its set of new features to help sellers bid in PPC auctions with more finesse. Adjusting the bids by ad placements allows sellers to optimize their campaigns while having greater control over when their ads should appear & how large an amount they are willing to spend.

As you are familiar that ads with Amazon PPC can appear either at:

  • Top of page 1 of search results.
  • Middle/Bottom or second page of Amazon Search results.
  • Product detail pages.
  • Off search results, for example, the ‘Add to the Cart’ page.
This image shows how to adjust bids while running ads or making amazon ppc strategies

Amazon lets its seller view the placement report for each campaign. Based on the insights, i.e., whether the campaigns’ positions brought them the most conversions, sellers can set their bid on each placement by 9 – 900% to improve their odds of landing even greater conversions.

Strategy 3: Target Product With Display Product Targeting Ads 

Display Product Targeting ads are one of the advanced Amazon PPC strategies 2023 sellers can use to bring exposure to their Amazon products. If you are unaware of this feature, it enables sellers to target shoppers through specific product categories. Sellers can directly target audiences both off and on Amazon.  

Grow you business by display ads, consulting with the best ppc experts

Here’s how you can use the feature to your advantage:

  • Pick the products needing better visibility on Amazon search results.
  • Build product targeting ads for such products. You can also target your top ASINs. Now, the ads of your underperforming products will be placed on the web pages of top ASINS.
  • Through these Ads sellers can remarket those customers who showed interest or viewed similar types of products.  

Strategy 4: Target Products on Google Ads

This image shows the example of ads looking in google search results

In addition to using the previous strategy, you can also use strategy 4 to get your product to secure a top place among your competitors’ listings. Influencers often promote listings that are displayed on Google ads. And so capitalizing on your competitor’s visibility is helping you build your brand’s awareness in the market. You just need to place your products on those pages and cash on from their purchases.

Strategy 5: Drive Sales With New-To-Brand Metrics

If you’ve registered with Amazon Brand Registry, you can consider taking advantage of Sponsored Ads. Sponsored Ads are a great way to enhance brand awareness (all thanks to their new-to-brand metrics). You can use the data available to optimize the campaigns and attract shoppers. 

If you really want to attract a lot of new shoppers to your brand, it makes sense to aggressively use Sponsored Ads for your listings. Shoppers will then be more and more aware of your brand.

Automatic Vs. Manual Campaigns

There are 2 kinds of campaigns sellers can use with Amazon PPC ads. So which one should you choose?

If you use Automatic campaigns, you allow Amazon to run ads for your brand without any suggestions from your side. While with manual ones, you get complete control over the PPC. You even get to choose keywords and bid adjustments.

This image contain different amazon campaign types which are helpful while making the amazon ppc strategies

Automatic campaigns are helpful when you’re just starting and plan to work with a lower budget. But once you’re comfortable, you must shift to manual campaigns. They help ensure you don’t waste unnecessary budget.


Being strategic in your approach is crucial if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your Amazon PPC campaign. You can check out the above amazon ppc strategies 2023 and see if they are effective for you. They will help you speed up your PPC advertising and improve outcomes. Additionally, if you need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to HRL Infotechs. We’ll help you with Amazon PPC strategy management that will enhance your ROI!

How to Sell Internationally with Amazon Global Selling?

What Is Amazon Global Selling?

Amazon Global Selling, commonly known as AGS, is a programme that enables vendors to list and sell goods on Amazon’s international markets.

Currently, Amazon has 13 online marketplaces (or websites) globally, allowing sellers to scale their operations anywhere, regardless of their physical locations.

Some online markets are pretty new; Amazon Marketplace, for instance, just opened the Australian market. For each nation, excluding those with unified amazon seller accounts, you require an Amazon seller account (individual).

  • Europe (UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, and France)
  • North America (U.S., Mexico, and Canada)

All other regions in your Unified Amazon Seller Account will be instantly accessible to you whenever you register on one of these online marketplaces.

How Does Amazon Global Selling Work?

AGS (Amazon Global Selling) is easy to use and understand. These actions are part of it:

This image shows how does amazon global selling work
  • Determine & Register: Before registering in the online marketplace where you wish to sell, you must decide.
  • List the Items: After registering, you must specify the products you want to sell.
  • Buyers Make a Purchase: The customers view your stuff after that and buy them. When this occurs, you will receive messages telling you where to ship your goods.
  • Delivery: You either deliver your goods to customers and verify shipments or authorize Amazon to handle order fulfillment via Easy Ship or Amazon FBA.
  • Fund Transfer: Additionally, Amazon sends the money it has received from the customer to your bank account after deducting its everyday expenses.

What and Where to Sell Internationally on Amazon?

In a global market, selecting what to sell and where to sell it can occasionally require time and effort. To evaluate the target market, one method is to use the “4Ps” marketing strategy framework:

1. Product

A logical tactic is to hunt for the best-selling things in your local (source) marketplace while initially selling internationally on Amazon. Could you determine what can sell well based on your past experiences and sales data reports?
While conducting the research, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do you think the goods you’ve chosen for shortlisting will succeed?
  • Will your chosen justifications for the shortlisted goods apply to your intended marketplace?
  • Will the product benefit the target market’s consumers?
  • What advantages might you derive from marketplace differences?

2. Price

The following aspects need to be considered when determining price and selling outside of your local market:

  • Cost of shipping, especially when sending products directly to foreign customers.
  • International return shipping costs incredibly if you are fulfilling the orders.
  • Using Amazon FBA, you must ship your inventory to fulfillment centers overseas.
  • The price for any other customer service provider you choose or for customer support in the native tongue.
  • Costs associated with currency conversion are incurred when receiving funds in your local currency.
  • The price of translating your ASIN listings into any other language.
  • The taxes and tariffs for the target marketplace.

3. Placement

Along with expanding abroad, you should consider scaling your global Off-Amazon sales. You can create a global plan using these Amazon services:

  • Amazon Product Ads: One of the best advertising tools for giving users easy access to other products on outside websites is Amazon’s Product Ads. While customers shop for your products or other related products on Amazon.com, Amazon marketplace shows them your adverts. You must select the cost-per-click (CPC) bids and budget and upload your product catalog.
  • Multi-channel Fulfillment: As an Amazon seller, if you use Amazon FBA to manage customer orders, you can use the same feature to manage your online sales from other networks. The FBA option that fulfills orders from sources other than Amazon is “Multi-Channel Fulfillment.”

4. Promotion

Similar to your local marketplace, Amazon marketplace provides tools to assist with product promotion and advertising. These promotional techniques, which can include Money Off, Buy 1 Get 1 Free, External Benefits, and Free Delivery, vary from one Amazon Marketplace to the next.

Benefits Of Amazon Global Selling

Selling your items on a global scale can significantly improve your customer base.

The best part is that Amazon handles all your shipments’ customer service via Amazon FBA, which makes the entire process stress-free. As a result, thanks to this, you can enter the market more quickly and without spending much money. It opens the door for your international sales.

This image shows the different benefits of amazon global selling


  • Broader customer base: You can connect with a wider variety of customers once you sign up.
  • Amazon FBA advantage: Due to Amazon’s FBA, customer service and international delivery are no longer challenging.
  • Reduced cost for branding: Amazon makes it simple to go worldwide because you are already well-known in the market where you are already selling. It lowers the price of brand development.
  • Increased sales during festivals: Whether it’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Christmas, you may increase your sales throughout the festive seasons that are observed all around the world.
  • Earn in euros, dollars, rupees, and pounds: Amazon ensures that you get paid safely and on time, handling everything from currency translations to fund deposits into your bank account.

List of Amazon Marketplaces

This images contains the list of different amazon marketplaces
Amazon Global Selling
Amazon Marketplaces
Amazon United States (amazon.com)
Traffic: 3.1 billion
Language: English
Amazon Canada (amazon.ca)
Traffic: 231 million
Language: English
Amazon Mexico (amazon.com.mx)
Traffic: 89.67 million
Language: Spanish
Amazon Europe
Amazon UK (amazon.co.uk)

Traffic: 569.64 million
Language: English

Amazon Germany (amazon.de)

Traffic: 605.38 million
Language: German

Amazon France (amazon.fr)

Traffic: 269.79 million
Language: French

Amazon Italy (amazon.it)

Traffic: 251.72 million
Language: Italian

Amazon Spain (amazon.es)

Traffic: 198.45 million
Language: Spanish

Amazon Netherlands (amazon.nl)

Traffic: 32.93 million
Language: Dutch

Amazon Sweden (amazon.se)

Traffic: 10.29 million
Language: Swedish

Amazon Poland (amazon.pl)

Traffic: Unknown
Language: Polish

Individual Amazon  Marketplaces

Amazon Japan (amazon.co.jp)

Traffic: 646.97 million
Language: Japanese

Amazon Singapore (amazon.sg)

Traffic: 7.18 million
Language: English

Amazon UAE (amazon.ae)

Traffic: 21.50 million
Language: English

Amazon Brazil (amazon.com.br)

Traffic: 115.31 million
Language: Portuguese

Amazon Australia(amazon.com.au)

Traffic: 44.71 million
Language: English

Amazon India (amazon.in)

Traffic: 295.51 million
Language: English
Amazon Saudi Arabia (amazon.sa)Traffic: 4.62 million
Language: Arabic

In order of seller popularity, they are mentioned in the table below:

As mentioned above, Amazon operates 13 online amazon marketplaces (or websites) internationally, helping you grow your e-commerce business quickly in other countries all over the globe. Allow yourself to introduce your brand and the items to millions of shoppers internationally.

After registering and selling internationally on Amazon marketplace, you immediately get access to Amazon’s customers, who trust and know its buying experience. Hence, expanding your business only means having multiple benefits without shouldering the upfront cost of building a business name. Grow your business with HRL Infotechs, reach out to us in case of any assistance right away. 

Ultimate Guide On Amazon Vine & How To Use It In 2022

The importance of reviews to a product’s success is no surprise to anyone who has done online shopping. Product reviews are highly crucial when it comes to Amazon, as your seller ranking is impacted by the sales velocity and ratings, the factors that go into a product’s ranking. So if you want your Amazon product listings to be on page 1 of the search results? You need a power element.

Amazon Vine is one such element. It’s an ‘invitation-only’ program where Amazon enables a group of reviewers to rate the products that have been entered into the program.

Let’s explore what exactly the Amazon Vine program is, how to sign up, how much it costs, and whether it’s worthwhile to join!

benefits of amazon vine

What Is The Amazon Vine Program?

To give customers unbiased and honest product Amazon reviews, Amazon has established a product review program called Amazon Vine. Top reviewers on Amazon Vine are invited to receive a free product in exchange for a review. The reviewer and the vendor both gain from this incentive scheme.

These reviewers are known as Vine Voices, and they’re chosen for their capability to post insightful Amazon rating reviews of their earlier Amazon purchases.

“Amazon invites users to join Vine Voices depending on their reviewer rank. This is an indication of the caliber and value of their Amazon reviews as determined by other users.”

How does the program work for vendors?

Once you’re enrolled in this program, you can request anyone from the reviewers to test your product. But in exchange for their review, you must give one of your products for free.

Amazon rating reviews by Vine Voices are very thorough, including a detailed description of features and pictures of your product. But of course, taking part in this program doesn’t ensure positive feedback. Vine Voices don’t hold criticism whenever they find something wrong with a product.

With each enrollment, a business can submit up to 30 units of product for rating by the Vine Voices. But the products that qualify must have fewer than 30 Amazon reviews. Your product must also be available for purchase and have a sufficient supply.

Vine Customer Review

How can sellers enroll in the Amazon Vine program, & how much does it cost?

Previously, the Amazon Vine was only accessible to first-party sellers, and they had to pay high enrollment fees – generally 2,500$ to 7,500$ per ASIN. However, Amazon has recently allowed its third-party sellers to use Amazon Vine.

Third-party sellers don’t have to pay for the service as it’s free for them (apart from the cost of the ‘product’ they have to send to Amazon for the reviewers.)

Amazon Vine Review Program Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be a professional seller.
  • You must be certified by the Amazon brand registry.
  • Your product must have less than 30 reviews/ratings.
  • Your product must be offered by Amazon FBA under ‘New’ condition.
  • Your product should maintain a sufficient stock.
  • Your product must have a title, description, and picture on the listing page.
  • Your product shouldn’t be an adult product, app, or digital software.

Steps to enroll in Vine:

If your company and product fit the above criteria, you can enroll for the Amazon Vine by following these instructions:

1. Go to Vine under the Advertising tab on Seller Central.

Amazon Vine

2. On this screen, you'll find the "Enroll in Amazon Vine" button if your brand is registered.

Vine Enrollment

3. Enter your ASIN and click "Begin Enrollment" on the following screen.

Amazon Vine Program

What happens after you sign up for Amazon Vine?

After enrolling, you will have to submit samples of your goods to Amazon. Amazon will inform its Voices that your goods are available for testing. You can only enroll five ASINs at once at the moment.

Based on each reviewer’s prior purchases or reviews, Amazon chooses which Amazon product listing to recommend to them. For instance, Amazon will probably offer Vine Voice things in the electronics category if they like to buy and review gadgets.

Amazon will only display your product to a selected group of Vine Voices who frequently make purchases in your category for the first 28 days after membership. After 28 days, if there’s still stock available, Amazon will make it available to all Vine Voice reviewers.

Are product reviews required from Amazon Vine reviewers?

No. It’s crucial to remember that Vine Voice, who receives your products, isn’t required to provide reviews or write only favorable ones.

It may also take 4 to 8 weeks after a Vine Voice receives your product to write a review because they need to use it before giving it a verdict.

Can I delete a Vine review from Amazon?

Unless it breaches Amazon’s terms of service, you cannot delete an Amazon Vine review. You can’t get rid of a review, regardless of whether you agree with it or not.


The Amazon Vine program aims to help sellers generate positive product reviews. Only highly rated reviewers are allowed to participate in the Amazon Vine program since Amazon actively checks the participation of its Vine Voices. That way, customers also trust a product with reviews from Vine Voices.

If you want to introduce new products or increase sales of sluggish products, you must check out the Amazon Vine Program. Your product listings will succeed if it has good ratings on the side.

eBay Promoted Listings: How to Boost Sales while Spending Less on Advertising?

Make the Most of eBay Promoted Listings with Lower eBay Advertising Costs!

This guide will help eBay sellers to maximize sales and profit from eBay Promoted Listings while keeping expenses in check.

Did you realize that eBay Promoted Listings cost you 2 to 3 times as much with eBay’s suggested ad rates while generating no more money? So how can you improve the success of your online product sales? Sellers may spend significantly more money than necessary on e-commerce advertising due to a lack of awareness of eBay’s Promoted Listings and bidding function. Additionally, it might not produce the necessary ROI. One crucial challenge you must comprehend is when to select safer or more aggressive bids.

How Much Does eBay Advertising Cost?

A bidding process is used for eBay Promoted Listings; you can choose to pay as much or as little for them. When you put up your promoted listing, you can choose a percentage of the final sale price as the ebay advertising cost. This can range from 1% to 20% of the price of your final transaction.

You (the seller) will choose the percentage of the final sale you will pay eBay if your item is sold through promoted listings. The percentage you chose while configuring your promoted listing ad is deducted from the total sale price when a customer clicks on your promoted listing and purchases the item within a 30-day window. eBay doesn’t take the percentage unless your item sells, as long as the buyer has clicked on your promoted listing in the last 30 days.

Based on the product you chose and the category you’re selling in, eBay will let you know what average rate (%) your competitors are setting their eBay promoted listings cost under while you’re putting up your eBay sponsored listings campaign. According to your campaign and advertising plan for your eBay sponsored listing, you can choose to match competitors, go above or below, or do both.

How Can You Determine if You're Overpaying?

If you have set your eBay Sponsored Listings rate too high, there is no easy way to detect it. Overpaying will reduce your profit margin and affect your company. eBay won’t protest receiving a more significant percentage of your sale. As a result, you must experiment. It is advisable to start low and increase gradually while adhering to the rising sales pattern. That ought to constantly determine the ideal rate.

Will eBay Promoted Listings Reduce Your Profit Margin?

Knowing your business’s constraints and being diligent with your cost- and budget-controlling is essential. Your revenues will undoubtedly decrease if you increase your eBay Sponsored Listings proportion only because other merchants outperformed you. You will always have to contend with a bigger fish with a bigger budget.

As a result, adjust your eBay Promoted Listings to fit your company’s goals and profit margins.

  • Utilize your resources
  • Play to your strengths
  • Be aggressive

Increasing your percentage may not have much of an impact on sales for some listings. For some products, a lesser ad rate or none may be appropriate.

Whether or not the listing can be optimized in other areas depends on the product, how popular it is, and how much demand it has. You should also understand your item’s sell-through rate (conversion rate) before promoting the listing so that you can assess how it performs over time.

Tips to Boost Sales with Low eBay Advertising Costs

Making the most of eBay Promoted Listings would be beneficial because they are an important component of your e-commerce marketing strategy. That will increase your sales while also assisting you in keeping expenses under control. The greatest techniques for helping you lower your eBay promoted listings cost have been compiled by us.

1. Scale Up Your Product Visibility

Our findings indicate that advertising eBay product listings increase impressions (4-5 times) and product page visits (60-70%).

It’s interesting to note that advertising has a substantially lower CTR (click-through rate) than organic results—up to 10 times lower. The good news is that sales conversion rates are equivalent to organic traffic when potential customers have clicked the advertisements and are perusing the product pages.

2. Lower Ad Rates Reflect Higher ROI

Most sellers can boost their sales even more (+80%) by bidding higher (frequently at the eBay-recommended rates). The truth is that equivalent results can be obtained at 30–40% lower prices with a sound bidding approach.

ROI-optimized marketing aims to grow sales as much as possible while cutting expenditures. Organic sales, those made without advertisements, may occasionally be somewhat destroyed by paid sales, depending on the product sold and the rate at which it is promoted.

Fortunately, dismantling organic revenues by sponsored transactions is only slightly prominent. However, the circumstances may vary depending on the vendors and the products. Therefore, it is advantageous to have an automated system for managing campaigns that would turn off ads when they are not required. This supports the use of a safer bidding strategy.

3. Research & Testing Based Strategy

Due to the fluctuating ad rates of other sellers, such as greater bids during the Holiday season, sellers should regularly alter their bids. Sellers should utilize more aggressive bidding for goods with more significant profit margins. In contrast, less money should be spent on advertising for goods with lower profit margins.

Finding the correct balance in both circumstances is essential; avoid overpaying for promotions and extreme cost-cutting. You might lose a lot of prospective transactions in the latter scenario. Finding sweet spots becomes a lot simpler when you have data and can recognize trends at scale. It is inappropriate to apply the same ad rate to all product categories. Data supports it. Often, the best bidding strategy is what matters rather than a safe or aggressive one.

4. Monitor Your Store Traffic

To see the relevant statistics you may use to track which of your promoted listings are performing effectively after launching your campaign for promoted listings, scroll to the bottom of your advertisement dashboard, pick your campaign, or select any specific promoted listing.

Additionally, you may view your traffic dashboard by choosing traffic from the performance drop-down.

So, we’ll examine all the information, including impressions, page views, and sales volume. In addition to the advertised impressions, we also have organic impressions here. The percentage for those is also visible.

You can now assess the success of your promoted listing by comparing the green portion of the graph—which represents the promoted listings—to the blue portion, which represents the organic listings. The number of items sold follows the page visits.

Is it worth using promoted listings on eBay?

The product discoverability and visibility that Promoted Listing ads on eBay provide enhances your chances of making a sale. You’re much more likely to boost sales and expand your business if you use eBay advertising tools to advertise eBay listings for more visibility.

eBay Promoted listing

Why do my eBay listings have zero views?

Promoted listings, according to eBay, had a 36% increase in views. Many additional purchases result from this, and you only pay the fees on sales generated by the advertisement. Typically, no advertising price is applied to sales you made as a result of searches where you ranked.

Final Thoughts!!!

As you can see, there are many advantages for you as an eBay seller when using eBay Promoted Listings. Start small and build your investment in eBay listing marketing as you see results if you’re still unsure whether to employ it. Reach out to HRL Infotechs to assist you with eBay Promoted Listings now.

Top 7 Amazon Account Management Services You Can Avail in 2022

The success of your business on Amazon depends on how efficiently you manage your Amazon seller account. And though Amazon account management services  may seem quite easy, selling through comprehensive management while adhering to the guidelines is a highly daunting task. You can delegate this task to an account manager.

If you are a registered Amazon Seller, these 7 account management services can help you stand out of the crowd. Keep reading this blog to know about the top 7 services you can avail of in 2022. 

Top 7 Amazon Account Management Services

1. Amazon Seller account

One of the first things an agency will discuss with you is setting up your Amazon Seller account. The thing might seem overwhelming, especially if you are new to the Amazon marketplace. But building a great business needs you to figure out your business model and products with your account manager.

Research helps them sort out what products or strategies your business needs to stand out in the Amazon marketplace. 

Creating your Amazon Seller Account

Opening an Amazon Account is similar to other registration processes. One just needs to type in the details and necessary info about the business. You will have to create identification documents for the background checks.

With your Amazon Seller Account, you can choose to go as a professional or even as an individual account. A professional account helps if you are selling a large volume of products every day.

Amazon Account Management

2.Amazon Listing Optimization

As an Amazon Seller, it’s crucial that your business consider optimizing its Amazon listings. Ticking off this service from your list means your customer doesn’t find your product listings and moves on to your competitors making their purchase. 

Optimizing listings help your product rank higher in Amazon’s search results and thus add to your sales number. Several factors count for making your product listing successful with optimization, like keywords, quality photos, optimized titles and descriptions, and more.

Here’re the aspects your account manager will use to help you succeed on Amazon:

  • Optimize your product title and description on Amazon
  • Use visually appealing images on your product’s detail page
  • Optimize the bullet points
  • Leverage A+ content
  • Optimize Amazon backend keywords for better reach

3.Enhanced Brand Content

If you want your products to grab the attention of consumers, Enhanced Brand Content (or EBC) is there to help you out. Amazon EBC is open to all sellers who are registered through the Amazon Brand Registry process. So there’s no reason your account manager wouldn’t leverage this function.

Benefits of Amazon EBC

  • Your product stands out among the competition.
  • Buyers’ eyes get attracted to your listings.
  • Reduced bounce rates on your products.
  • Your product’s info is accurately conveyed to customers.
  • Seamless user experience on all devices for users.

4.Product Listing Management

Competition on Amazon is becoming tougher and tougher. So, going on the platform without a proper listing management strategy will only end you up in a situation where you’ll find it difficult to drive sales. It is better to delegate product listing management if: 

  • You don’t have enough time to check your Amazon business.
  • Have numerous product listings making it difficult to monitor all.
  • You are not well-versed in Amazon product management.
  • And not keen on taking risks while experimenting.

Hiring an account manager is your best option. Your product listing manager will offer you the following services:

  • Add listings to the right category
  • SKU (Stock-keeping Unit) for every inventory item
  • Product listing optimization
  • Content management for listings
amazon store management

5. Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry was initially launched as a program to help sellers protect their brands from false brands. But over time, it has evolved into a whole suite of services.

The foremost advantage of your account manager offering Brand registry as a service is that you get direct influence on detail pages. Furthermore, your business gets access to top tools like Amazon EBC, Sponsored Brands Ads, Amazon Attribution tool, Amazon Live Creator, etc., which will help you stand out on the platform.

Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

  • Greater control over product detail pages.
  • Listing with multiple product identifications (outside EAN & UPC codes.
  • Ability to offer advanced seller support.
  • Access to ML-based predictive automation.

6.Amazon Advertising PPC

Amazon advertising PPC is another great service you can opt for. Since customer shopping preferences are increasingly shifting online, sellers have a greater competition to capture sales. Though organic rankings are important for your business, advertising on the platform can help you reach more customers. 

An effective Amazon advertising PPC strategy helps all sizes of businesses. Without one, your listings may be lost in about 350 million products on Amazon. 

amazon account management

7. Preparation and Logistics

Amazon logistics is a delivery & shipping service that complements other services offered in Amazon Full Account Management.

The assigned manager for your Amazon Store Management will assist you in preparing for the things once you get sales. They will ensure your packaging abides by the guidelines, whether local or international. You will also be provided with a computation on tax & duty rates to allow smooth transactions of your shipment.


To summarize, you can avail yourself of countless Amazon account management services to boost your sales. You can also look out for the Amazon account manager to see the services we have discussed here. Remember, an account manager will handle all your work, so choose an experienced person for the job. We at HRL Infotech have an efficient team who can help you with your account. 

How to Boost Your Sales by 3X during the Amazon Holiday Season?

Guide to Shoot Up Sales by 3X this Amazon Holiday Season!

The Amazon holiday season is approaching soon. People buy Holiday gifts for themselves and their loved ones during this time. Whether or not you have been a long-time Amazon seller, you know how busy Q4 can be for brand sellers.

But besides buying Holiday gifts, consumers frequently purchase other goods, particularly electronic devices, and phone accessories, by taking advantage of fantastic discounts at numerous shopping events. Therefore, you must start planning as soon as possible to use digital marketing to attract as many clients as possible. You can promote your products to sell on Amazon independently but must elevate your game by working with marketing experts.

This blog will cover every strategy you can use to increase sales during the Amazon holiday shopping season and close the year strong on Amazon Seller Central.

How can you boost your sales on Amazon holiday season?

1. Optimize Amazon Product Listing 

You can stand out, attract new and returning customers, improve conversion rates, and boost sales by Amazon product listing optimization. Let’s examine some guidelines for improving product listings:

  • Optimize for Mobile: Mobile devices account for almost 3 of every 4 online shopping. Therefore, your initial task should be to optimize your product page for mobile customers. Your product title is one important factor that demands your attention. Customers are less likely to click if they can’t see the entire title. Try keeping your product titles to 80 characters or less while including essential keywords. Avoid cramming the title with keywords; doing so could lower your search engine rankings. Instead, start the title with the necessary keywords.

  • Use Quality Product Images: Next, focus on your product photos, which are pretty crucial for boosting sales on Amazon, especially during the holiday shopping season. Ensure your camera has a good resolution and that each photograph complies with Amazon’s requirements. Customers are more likely to purchase in only a few seconds when the Unique Selling Point (USP) is communicated through high-quality images.

  • Apply Holiday-theme Keywords: Consider adding holiday-related keywords to your content to increase traffic to your product page. Utilizing resources like Google Keyword Planner, you can conduct keyword research. You could also want to seek holiday-related keywords that your rivals are using. Please consider their search volume when adding them to your Amazon product listings.
Amazon Product Listing

2. Stock Up Your Inventory

Ensure you have enough inventory to meet the increased demand during the Amazon holiday season. Stocking up inventory means you have more significant potential to make more holiday sales. Inventory levels also affect your Amazon listing optimization. Products to sell on Amazon Seller Central with low stock levels are less likely to appear on the first page of search results. Also, customers are more likely to trust a company with more product units available. 

3. Use Sponsored Ads to Raise Traffic

Improve your search engine results and increase traffic to your product page with sponsored ads. You can run various sponsored advertisements, including display ads, sponsored product ads, and sponsored brand ads.

  • One of the most acceptable ways to promote some top products is through Sponsored Product Ads. For the Amazon holiday season, you can promote your top sellers to a broader audience of prospective buyers. Customers are taken to the relevant product page when they click on a Sponsored Product ad.


  • You may promote various products to sell on Amazon and increase traffic to your store by using Sponsored Brand Ads. Using brand advertisements, customers can learn about your store’s most recent holiday promotions and specials.


  • You can use Display Ads to reach out to prior clients and inform them of the most recent promotions. This can persuade them to finish an unfinished purchase or make a new one. Additionally, it aids in directing outside traffic to your product page.
Use Sponsored Ads to Raise Traffic

4. Maintain a Competitive Pricing

Consider your competition’s pricing carefully. Since pricing influences your Amazon sales and profitability, it is a crucial factor. Ensure you maintain the most competitive pricing possible. For the holiday season, you might consider maintaining cheaper costs than your rivals since this could boost your Amazon sales. Thought should be given to your profit margin.


5. Set Lightning Deals into Action

Customers look for deals over the Amazon Holiday season. As a result, you can use lightning offers for a few of your products. Lightning Deals are deals where a product is offered at a steep discount for a brief period. These are short-term Amazon sales that are available on the Amazon deals page. You need a Professional Amazon Seller account to execute a lightning deals promotion.

On Amazon, lightning discounts increase traffic and sales while raising brand recognition. The following standards must be met for your product to qualify for lightning deals:

  • You must set your discount prices 20% above your retail price. Deal cancellation may result from lowering prices by less than 20%.
  • A fulfillment center needs to be stocked with the bare minimum of inventory.
  • You must have a 3.5 overall star rating.
  • Your items must be eligible for Prime.
  • You must abide by the rules on deal frequency and consumer product review guidelines. 
Set Lightning Deals into Action

6. Design a Storefront around Holiday Theme

During the holiday shopping season, brick-and-mortar stores put on seasonal displays. So, why not use this strategy in your Amazon storefront?

Using content related to the occasion, you can create a storefront with a festive feel. Use A+ content to express your brand’s story uniquely. You can utilize high-quality lifestyle photos and color experimentation to distinguish your brand store. You can reposition your products to sell on Amazon as holiday gifts and make gift bundles.

7. Acquire the Buy Box

Most Amazon product listings include a widget called the Buy Box. It enables customers to buy as quickly and efficiently as possible. Competitors might vie for control of the Buy Box. Gaining the Buy Box has various benefits. A rise in Amazon sales is the most noticeable. Regardless of the seller, customers will probably use the Buy Box to make purchases. Thus, if you win the Buy Box over the holiday season, your sales will increase by 200%.

Win the Buy Box in the following ways: 

  • You must possess a Professional Amazon Seller account. 
  • Your account also needs to be in good health. A healthy account performs well in terms of shipping, customer service, and adherence to Amazon product rules. By login into your Amazon Seller Central account and selecting Performance and Account health, you can rapidly check the status of your account.
  • Maintain a stock of your products.
  • Improve on your seller feedback (Boost your seller ratings)

8. Be Eligible for Amazon Prime

Being qualified for Amazon Prime has significant advantages for your company, given that there are more than 200 million Prime members worldwide. Most Prime customers subscribe to one- or two-day shipping, so you can start by offering that. Additionally, having Prime eligibility makes you more visible in searches. Customers seek Prime-eligible products; therefore, they will likely come across your offering.

Moreover, it helps you get the Buy Box, which results in more sales.

You are automatically Prime eligible if you use Amazon’s fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service to sell. You can sign up for the Seller-Fulfilled Prime (SFP) program even if you don’t sell on Amazon FBA. You can sell on Prime once you’ve satisfied the prerequisites.


9. Consider Product Returns

Product returns are an unavoidable aspect of selling products on Amazon. Products purchased between the Amazon holiday season, must be eligible for return through January 2023, according to an extension of Amazon’s holiday return policy. While an Amazon seller may not find this easy, ensuring your product listings are optimized for the marketplace is crucial. Making a backup plan for the Amazon holiday season is also crucial.

Provide Quality Customer Service

10. Provide Quality Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is one technique to draw in both present and potential consumers. Shopping during the holidays may be challenging.

The best strategy to “wow” your customers is to make their purchase an unforgettable experience. When they contact you, be kind and professional, get back to them within 24 hours, and don’t forget to write them a thank-you note when they make a purchase. Positive evaluations generated by good customer service will boost search ranks and draw in new clients.

Consider Product Returns


A fantastic opportunity to increase amazon sales and revenue with Amazon Seller Central throughout the Amazon Holiday Season. You may differentiate yourself from the competition, improve traffic to your product page, boost amazon sales, and make more money using the above mentioned strategies. You may also approach HRL Infotechs for assistance in assessing your company and developing plans to increase sales and reduce risks during the Amazon holiday shopping season.